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Send In the Clowns In New Joker Trailer

This morning brings about the "final" trailer for the upcoming Joker movie, offering a brand new look at the upcoming film.  Just ahead of it's...

OFFICIAL JOKER Poster Is Released Day Before The Trailer Drops

We have our first theatrical poster for the clown prince of crime origin movie

Persona 5’s Joker Named First DLC Character in Super Smash Bros....

A character from one of the most beloved video game series has been tabbed as the first DLC character to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as part of the Challenger Pack 1! 

Todd Philips Shares Joker Test Footage and I Can’t Stop Smiling

You took me by suprise, I didnt realize, that you were laughing. . .

Zazie Beetz In Talks to Join ‘Joker’ Film

A rising star may be joining Joaquin Phoenix in Todd Phillips' Joker Movie!  More within...

WB Reveals Title and Release Date for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Film

As the doors to San Diego Comic Con start to open, news has already poured out from Warner Bros. about the release date and title for the upcoming standalone Joker film, starring Joaquin Phoenix!  More within...

It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 102: Jokers,...

Another week, and we have 12 new updates on DCEU….. and BC is talking about them!

A Lot of Joker’s Scenes Cut Out of Suicide Squad

With just a few hours until Suicide Squad makes its theatrical debut, moviegoers hoping to see a lot of Jared Leto's Joker will be disappointed by this revelation.  More info after the jump!

SCNS Live S5E12 – The Killing Joke Is On Enasni

On the twelfth episode of the fifth season, Enasni Volz drops by from California to visit the team. Plus, a few of the guys saw Captain America: Civil War, so we have a review! Finally, in studio we had the stars of the upcoming stage performance of Batman: The Killing Joke happening June 17/18/24/25, 10:45 pm. Cost is free. Location is the Margo Jones Theatre at Fair Park, Dallas. 1121 1st Ave, 75210.  Enjoy the show!

Sweet Madness A Harley Quinn Fan Film

So being the nerd I am I love seeing characters from some of my favorite storied being taken up by fans. No they may not have the budget of a summer blockbuster but something can be said for when you know the characters enough you produce a compelling story that truly captures these heroes and villains. Basically I love fan films. I've been very lucky to talk to lots of creators out there. Mark Cheng from Red Retrieval, Chelton Perry from Teen Titans Project and a few others. Well after watching Sweet Madness by Peter Dukes I've got another favorite added to my list.  

Viotek Reveals Their New Line of 24-35 Inch Gaming Displays

The technology company Viotek has revealed their next series of gaming monitors that bring important features while still being budget friendly.  If you've been thinking...