6 Foolproof Ways to Combat the Most Irate of Twilight Fans

That’s right, movie geeks; it’s that time of year again.  No, not Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  Not winter or Awards Season either.  No, it’s THAT time of year again; once more, we must move aside and give the movie theaters to all the little Twilight fans.  All week, they have be lining up and buying out all the movie theaters in their area to watch the next chapter in the “best franchise ever,” (says one tween I just made up right now).  This is just downright unfair.  There are so many good movies out there right now, and we have to watch as people across the nation spend money on a franchise like Twilight? Even worse, they are controlling the entire movie theater!  How are you possibly going to break through the lines of vampire teens and creepy Twilight moms to go catch a movie this weekend?  Well, TMP is here to help!  With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 opening in theaters across the nation today, here’s some of the things you can do to ward your theater of those crazy, crazy Twilight fans.

Box Office Prognosis: The Greek Gods Slay Adam Sandler (Woohoo!)

Meanwhile, Harold and Kumar and Tower Heist face big drops.

6 Not-So-Iconic Horror Movie Villains Who Could Use a Better Agent

One of the most essential aspects of a horror movie is a good villain.  Without one, you have nothing for the film’s scares to rely on.  I imagine most of you are spending today, Halloween, looking back on some of your favorite horror movies.  I imagine most of them have a villain who has withstood the test of time, who remains scary even to this day.  Some horror villains aren’t that lucky.  They may not have the fame of a Jason or a Freddy, but they are scary all the same.  Let’s take a look at the six non iconic scary movie bad guys who, for better or worse, have seen better days.

The 10 Best Superhero Origin Stories Ever Put to Film

When it comes to superhero movies, nothing is more important than the origin story.  It sets up not just the character, but the tone and future plot points of the franchise to come (or in some cases, the movie itself).  If you botch this, then you’ve already botched the entire franchise potential (as seen from such classics as Daredevil or Punisher). And for a movie like this week’s Green Lantern, first impressions are everything.  If they don’t like the first outing, why would audiences come back for a second? Green Lantern needs to nail its origin story if it hopes to become the next big superhero franchise.  Here are eight other origin stories that Green Lantern should try to emulate if it wants to hit its mark.

Geek Pick of the Week: The Art of Game of Thrones

This week sees the release of an all new art book collecting behind the scenes art and information from all eight seasons of the...