Frontier Announces Planet Zoo

No longer will we have to dig through boxes in that attic once old passions return to find our old copy of Zoo Tycoon....

Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack Brings New Dinosaurs to Jurassic World Evolution Today

You personal Jurassic Park is expanding today as new DLC for Jurassic World Evolution brings more dinosaurs and challenge modes to the game. Come inside to see the additions!

Uncover the Secrets of Dr. Wu in Jurassic World Evolution DLC

Your own personal Jurassic Park is expanding later this month with Jurassic World Evolution's new DLC that will allow you to (secretly) create all new dinosaurs along with Dr. Henry Wu. Come inside to learn more and watch the trailer!

New Freeplay Sandbox Mode Coming to Two Point Hospital Next Week

During TwitchCon, the developers behind Two Point Hospital revealed a new Sandbox mode coming to the game, along with more details on their Halloween themed mode. Come inside to learn more! 

Manage a School for RPG Heroes in Valthirian Arc: Hero School...

If you love RPGs, and management sims, a unique combination of the two is launching later this year and you can learn all the details about it right here. 

Hasbro Snags License to Produce New Ghostbusters Toys

Sony Pictures and Hasbro have announced a new partnership to bring all new toys based on the Ghostbusters franchise into the hands of kids/fans. In...