Watch the Exciting First Episode of Cinelinx’s UGF – Mario Kart...

A Champion crowned, controversial finishes, and the rise of Quad C, these events were just a taste of the madness that took place in the inaugural episode of our brand-new tournament show, UGF, United Gaming Federation!  If you missed it or can't get enough of it, watch it again below!

The Inaugural Episode of UGF Airs Tonight With Mario Kart Madness

Tonight, Cinelinx presents a gaming tournament show like nothing you've ever seen.  Brackets, Feuds, and Championship Bouts.  This is UGF and it premieres with Mario Kart Madness live at 7:30pm at Nerdvana in Frisco and the Cinelinx Channels.  Come inside for more.

Cinelinx Presents Mario Kart Madness This Friday

You witnessed the rise of BC's dominance as Injustice 2 Champion.  You watched as Zack shocked the world in the Arms Tournament.  This Friday, see them clash in the main event of the next installment of Cinelinx's monthly tournaments, Mario Kart Madness.

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