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Redefining the Action Genre: The Lasting Impact of The Matrix and...

The 90s provided a wealth of action movies from the campy to the iconic. At the tail end of the decade, however, The Matrix came in and changed the way action films appeared on screen and how they were made. Today, I’m taking a look at how it drastically altered the Action Movie genre, the key person behind it.

Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot has Found a Director!

The long-gestating Mortal Kombat movie reboot has just taken a huge step forward, as the studios have hired a director to bring the iconic gaming franchise back to the big screen. 

Iron Fist Series Might Be Adding Shang-Chi to the Netflix Show

 When Marvel’s Iron Fist series debuts next year, there may be more than one famous martial arts super hero in action. Casting is apparently under way for an actor to play the role of Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu.

Review: Does the Netflix Sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Deliver?

 After 15 years, the sequel to the popular martial arts action classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has finally come out. Is Sword of Destiny worth the wait?

Villains Take Over the Set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Filming is well underway for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, and now images from the set have come out showing off new villains Bebop and Rocksteady (pre-mutation) along with the new Shredder and Karai!  Come inside to check out the images.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Gets a US Release Date and...

Dragon Ball Z continues it's new found revival with the release of an all new movie featuring the return of Frieza, following on from the events of last year's Battle of Gods.  Resurrection F has now been given an official North American release date and English trailer! 

Casey Jones is Ready for Action in First Official Image From...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 is currently filming and already, Michael Bay is giving fans an official look at the film, thanks to a new image highlighting the fan favorite character, Casey Jones.  Come inside to get a good look at the hero's big screen return.  

Donnie Yen Beats Everyone In the First Trailer for Kung Fu...

There's a new martial arts flick coming out starring Donnie Yen...and if that sentence doesn't get you excited, then you haven't watched the incredible Ip Man movies.  He's a slick martial artist and his fight scenes in movies are pretty spectacular, which you can get a hint of thanks to the first trailer for his new movie, Kung Fu Killer! Come inside to check it out!

TMNT 2 Eyes a New Director; Bebop & Rocksteady Likely to...

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot may not have been a big success with the critics, but kids and fans turned up at the theaters. We know that a sequel is already scheduled, and now Paramount is looking to Earth to Echo's director to bring the sequel to life with fan-favorite characters Bebop and Rocksteady.  Come inside for the latest report!

Jean-Claude Van Damme Joins the Kickboxer Remake!

JCVD is returning to the franchise that helped him to become the star that he was, Kickboxer.  Word has come in now that the renowned martial artist has officially been cast in the upcoming remake, this time taking on the Master role.  Come inside to learn more!

Go Home: Clash Of Champions

It’s another episode of Go Home, and our Cinelinx Tag Team Champions are talking The WWE. Time for another major event in the world of Pro Wrestling! The WWE Is...