The 4 Ways to Fix Marvel’s Movies

This past Summer was a big one for Marvel.  With two untested properties (Thor and Captain America) hitting theaters as a prelude to The Avengers, it was important for those films to succeed.  Otherwise they could lose much needed fans for their ultimate team-up movie.  And while they were big box office draws and did well critically, Marvel’s films are still falling short.  So I’ve come up with 4 ways Marvel can fix their films for the future.

Release Date Madness: Smurfs 2, Hunger Games, Marvel, and More!

Over the past week, studios have been going crazy by releasing a plethora of release dates for their upcoming titles.  Rather than flood you with several quick articles, we've decided to compile them all for you in one convenient spot.

Top 5 Comic Events That Will Never See The Big Screen...

As a comic book fan you always fear when a comic book gets a newly announced movie. Will they adapt it correctly? Will the characters be the same? Will the story even seem logical in the characters universe? Newer movies have started to get it a little bit closer to home, but they still fail on some accounts. There are many reasons why this almost always happens, but money, franchise issues, and complexity usually play a role. Comics are known for having a very complex universe, but in return this creates some of the best stories in the world. Hollywood can’t handle that, and that’s why I have come up with 5 comic book events that will never see the light of day on film.

The Avengers Will Make It Or Break It For All SuperHeroes

We all know an Avengers movie is coming out rather soon, next year actually. With that in mind plenty of Marvel fans are excited. Hell even I’m excited and I’m about as DC fanboy as it gets! However there are certain circumstances that are making me second guess the idea of pushing towards a grand finale before the show is even done. The Avengers are used entirely different as a comic book seres. They are the symbol of great new heroes and the first step used to lead into any major Marvel Comics event. However the film is simply coming out due to fan receptions and not because business calls for it, so lets look at the possibilities of its success. Or perhaps its possible failure.

SDCC 2011: The Hunger Games Won’t Have A Hall H Panel...

One of the biggest movies of next year is skipping this year's show.  Now how many times have you heard this sentence before?

Confirmed: Marvel Studios Will Not Have a Panel at This Year’s...

It's been rumored for a while, but today, Marvel Studios has confirmed Comic Con attendees worst fear; there will be NO Marvel panel hitting Hall H at this year's Comic Con.  Find out why and what effect this has on the Con as a whole after the jump.

1990 Captain America movie finally comes to DVD July 19!

With Captain America: The First Avenger coming to theater screens July 22, MGM and Fox Home Video are capitalizing on the hype by releasing the 1990 film version of Captain America on DVD for the first time on July 19.

TMP Celebrates: The X-Men Franchise

TMP is celebrating the release of X-Men: First Class in style.  So you know what that means; time for another Movie Marathon!

TMP Reviews: Thor: Tales of Asgard The Animated Movie!

The Movie Pool lowers the hammer on the new Thor animated movie, Tales of Asgard!

First ‘Captain America’ trailer arrives

After months of anticipation, the full length trailer for Marvel's Captain America has finally arrived.

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In this Casually Criterion episode, Justin, Chris and Mike take on Chasing Amy and breakdown break down Bojack Horseman's final season! It’s time for another...