New ‘Captain America’ footage premieres

Contrary to popular believe, the Entertainment Tonight announcer won't shut the hell up during ANYTHING.

Daredevil Reboot Has a Director

Add another drop to the already overflowing bucket, the latest news to grace comic-lovers is the announcement of a director for the upcoming reboot of Marvel’s Daredevil.  I may be mistaken, but that groaning sound I just heard was either the weight of so many superheroes waiting for their turn on the screen or the collective audiences’ complete lack of surprise.

First Look at Red Skull


Hugo Weaving stuns in first promo stills of Captain America villain Red Skull.

Does ‘The Avengers’ already have a teaser trailer?

Marvel might be giving us a surprise this summer; Will Thor or Captain America have a sneak preview of The Avengers?

Thor Will Be an Alien?

Won't matter how much fanboys will yell about this one because it seems that in Asgard, no one can hear you scream.

Second trailer for ‘Thor’ released

Hey, I like it now!

Is Shane Black pursuing Iron Man 3?

Is this Marvel's new LETHAL WEAPON?  Or will Shane Black give the offer THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT?

Aren't puns great?

New Thor Photo: Don’t make an Avenger angry!

Entertainment Weekly has published an exclusive photo of Chris Hemsworth as the Mighty Thor from this summer's much-anticipated film of the Marvel hero's adventures. As the photo shows, the hammer-wielding Norse god of Thunder and Lightning isn't happy.

[Updated in Hi-Res] First Picture of Chris Evans in Full Cap...

Today's got more Marvel comic book hero unveilings than you can shake a Cosmic Cube at! We've seen his concept art, we've seen him in his civvies, but we've yet to see him wearing the full-on red, white, and blue of the Captain America costume ... until now.

Blade Prequel in the Works?

Ever wonder what happened before the events of 1998's Blade? Well, you may just find out anyway.

Casually Criterion Journeys to the Askewniverse with Chasing Amy

In this Casually Criterion episode, Justin, Chris and Mike take on Chasing Amy and breakdown break down Bojack Horseman's final season! It’s time for another...