First ‘Thor’ trailer is interesting… but unremarkable


It’s December, which (by some strange Movie Law) means that movie trailers of films next summer are already starting to be advertised.  We’ve already seen the Transformers 3 trailer, but now we have the trailer for Paramount’s second big summer movie: Thor.  It’s set to open the summer of 2011, but does it deserve the coveted spot?

Marvel aims to tackle the small screen by creating Marvel Television

Marvel is looking to continue its string of successful video adaptations by opening up a new division that focuses on the small screen.

Marvel planning on using short films to introduce lesser known heroes?

For now this is just a rumor, so take all of this information with a big grain of salt until there is more "official" word on the matter.

Iron Man 2 Has No Cliffhanger

Jon Favreau says that Iron Man 2 is a self-contained story and won't end in a cliffhanger.

Chris Evans Is Officially Captain America

THR has announced that Chris Evans has accepted the offer to play Captain America in The First Avenger: Captain America.

Chris Evans offered Captain America

THR reported on Friday that Chris Evans, who has appeared in the shatastic Fantastic Four movies, was offered the part by Marvel, though they would not confirm that was the case.

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