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Final Trailer For Fighting With My Family

Paige may have set the Diva’s Revolution in WWE off when she won the NXT Women’s Title, but she began that road well before that! Check it out in the final trailer for FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY.

Danny Boyle Steps Down From 2019 James Bond Film; Cites Creative...

The 25th James Bond film is getting off to a rocky start, as they'll need to find a new director to film Daniel Craig's swan song.  More within...

New Synopsis and Stills for Creed II Revealed

If last month's trailer for Creed II wasn't enough, we have new screenshots and an official synopsis to quench your thirst!  More within...

The Rats of NIMH Returning to the Big Screen in Live-Action...

The much beloved children's book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, got a cartoon adaptation back in the 80s, but aside from a misaligned sequel, the series hasn't seen love on the big screen in decades.  That's all about to chance, as MGM has optioned the rights to the original novel with plans to adapt it for a new live-action franchise.  

Cameras Begin Rolling on the Ben-Hur Remake in Italy

If you were looking forward to seeing an updated version of the classic Ben-Hur story on the big screen, then you'll be happy to hear that principal photography has officially started on the epic, with a more full cast last revealed as well.  Come inside to see. 

MGM Announces a 2016 Release Date for Ben-Hur Remake

Looks like another beloved film is getting a remake, this time around it's Charlton Heston's classic film Ben-Hur.  MGM announced today that they've brought on a pair of new producers to the project (who are no strangers to Biblical style epics), and while doing so, also revealed a release date for the upcoming film.  Come inside to learn more about it. 

New Robocop Trailer Hits The Internet, Finally Brings The Goods

The latest trailer for MGM/Sony remake of 1987 Paul Verhoeven's Sci-Fi classic has arrived, but does it raise the bar?

DVD REVIEW: The Human Factor (1979)

Cinelinx spies (with its little eye) the Otto Preminger thriller The Human Factor from Warner Archive!

The Shadow: Behind the Mask DVD Review!

The Movie Pool knows what evil lurks in the heart of The Shadow: Behind the Mask on DVD!

Ghost Warrior DVD Review!

The Movie Pool ain't afraid of any Ghost Warrior DVD!

Hands-On With the Wacom One Pen Display (Video Review)

In our latest tech review, Jordan tests out Wacom's all new Wacom One Pen Display Tablet (revealed during this year's CES). From sketching, to...