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Ryan Reynolds Stars in Explosive First Trailer for Michael Bay’s ‘6...

Netflix is going to get one bombastic picture this December! Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds have teamed up to produce a thriller for the...

The 25 Most Epic Explosions in Cinema

Explosions are like the cherry on top of our favorite action sequences. They add that little extra pizzazz for your viewing (and audio) pleasure....

Warner Bros. Eying Michael Bay to Direct DC’s Lobo

Prepare to light 1,000 gallons of gasoline on fire because Warner Bros. may be hiring Michael Bay to direct Lobo!

John Cena in Talks to Play Duke Nukem

Could John Cena be playing the world saving, cigar chomping, soldier of fortune Duke Nukem? Well hopefully it doesn’t have a release schedule like the games.

The Transformers 5 Super Bowl Spot Has Landed

The latest Transformers 5 spot can be seen during the Super Bowl, this Sunday.  Although, you can check out a :30 second version here!

Hot Rod Joins Transformers: The Last Knight

Last night, Director of the Transformers film series, Michael Bay, released concept art for one of the most iconic Transformers from the cartoon series, Hot Rod.  His arrival could spell doom for another iconic character.

Transformers 5 Title Released

Last night, the Transformers official instagram account released a teaser video to announce the new title for Transformers 5.  Check it out after the jump!

Michael Bay Returns for Transformers 5

The internet groaned collectively the other day as Michael Bay was announced that he would return for the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise. Yes despite speculation since the second one on if he would return once again we find out that he’ll be returning and he’s already once again saying this will be the last installment he will direct. Can you tell this process is getting old to me? Now there’s been no other casting announcements except for Mark Wahlberg. Production is expected to begin June of 2016 with Akiva Goldsman taking on head writer duties with Steven DeKnight of Daredevil, Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead, and Jeff Pinkner of Spider-Man.

Official Trailer for TMNT: Out of the Shadows Releases Early

Earlier today, Paramount released a teaser trailer saying that the full one for TMNT 2 would be out tomorrow. However, with a recent leak, they've decided to release it much earlier!  Take a look!

The Birds Remake Finds a Director

Michael Bay's production company, Platinum Dunes, is set to remake lfred Hitchcock's The Birds, and today they've found a director to bring it to life.  Come inside to learn more!

It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 213: New...

It’s another episode of It Is What It Is, and B.C.is talking to The Chriss’ This week on IiWiIJA, B.C. is in New York for...