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The Crew is getting a Massive Expansion – and it’ll be...

The Crew excited fans of the racing genre earlier this year with its release as one of the first racing-centric massively-multiplayer online games of its kind and today Ubisoft announced that it will be receiving its first – and massive – expansion!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Brings Revan Back in Today’s Expansion

It was teased a couple months ago, and fans of KOTOR were elated to here that Revan would be back in an all new expansion for The Old Republic.  Shadow of Revan has officially launched today so get your fingers ready and check out the launch trailer while you wait for it to download!

H1Z1, Sony’s Zombie MMO, Hits Early Access Next Month

Sony Online Entertainment has still been hard at work on their upcoming zombie-survival game, H1Z1, and a lot of people are about to finally get their hands on it, as they've announced the game will be getting Early Access in January. 

Square Enix Reveals First Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV

OVer the weekend, Square Enix revealed the first major expansion for their MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, showing fans what to expect with the new story and challenges they'll face in Heavensward!

New Trailer & Details on The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan...

Last month, EA/Bioware teased Star Wars: The Old Republic fans about a new expansion that would see a fan-favorite character make an unexpected return.  Today they've revealed a new game trailer and details on the expansion.  Come inside to learn more!

More Than 4.6 Million People Played the Destiny Beta

Over the weekend, the Desitny Beta came to an end, but while it was going on, it seems that's all anyone was talking about.  Now we know why, as stats have come out as to how many people logged in to take advantage of Bungies upcoming shooter MMO for the current generation platforms.  Here's a hint, it was a LOT of people. 

Square Enix Brings Other Final Fantasies to E3 2014

Square Enix already dashed our hopes of seeing Final Fantasy XV at this year's E3 2014, but that doesn't mean they came empty handed.  They've revealed some of their new plans for the Final Fantasy brand coming up this year including bringing previous Japan-only titles to our shores and a new mobile game based on Final Fantasy VII.  Come inside to learn more!

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Happening this Weekend, Get Your Codes Here!

Bethesda is holding another beta weekend for The Elder Scrolls Online MMO, and once again they've been gracious enough to give us a slew of beta codes to give our loyal readers and gamers the chance to get in on the fun.  We're making it super easy to get the codes, so come inside to find out how to snag yours!

We Have 100 Codes to Give Out for The Elder Scrolls...

This weekend, Bethesda is offering up another beta for their upcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online.  They've been gracious enough to give us 100 codes to give out to our loyal readers for them to try out the game for themselves!  Come inside for details on the beta and how to score your own code to get in! 

PS4 Version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Releasing in...

Square Enix has just announced when PlayStation 4 owners can get in on the MMO fun with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in both standard and collector's editions.  On top of the release date (coming in April) they've dropped the details on all that's fans can expect from the collector's edition of the game.  

Attend an Early Screening for DC’s Birds of Prey On Us!

The Birds of Prey, along with Harley Quinn, are about ready to hit the big screen and we're giving our readers in cities across...