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Our Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

2016 is wrapping up, and as we’ve seen from the number of incredible movie trailers in the last few weeks of the year, 2017 is shaping up to be an amazing year in theaters.  Our team has gathered together to break down the movies we’re looking forward to most in the year ahead.  Come inside to check them out and add your own!

Princess Leia Made me a Feminist – A Personal Message About...

Cultural icon, actress, and mental health advocate Carrie Fisher has passed away, but left us with a lasting impact that shouldn't be forgotten.  She affected many lives on a personal level (including mine) and helped move the industry in a better direction.  

Collin’s Top 10 Movies of 2016

The year marks an important for me film-wise: 2016 is the year I started writing about movies. I didn’t start the year thinking it would lead here, but here I am. I started off with a challenge: Watch a movie for every day of the year (currently at 406 for the year), and diversify my choices. I wanted to catch up on foreign films, silent films, and classics that I had missed. It slowly became a race to see everything that 2016 had to offer. And while I fell way short, I’ve only seen 63 films from 2016 and here are my ten favorites and some honorable mentions.


What Nerds Want: Cinelinx’s Christmas Gift Guide (2016)

It’s that time of the year again; the hectic season of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.  Cinelinx is here to help you with our holiday gift suggestions for movie lovers, gamers, and geeks in general.  Come inside to check out our team's picks!

Dune: Fan-Casting Legendary’s New Reboot

With Legendary Pictures having bought the rights to Frank Herbert's Dune series with plans to develop a new movie (and possibly television series) our resident Dune fanatics on the site, Garrett and Jordan, sit down to discuss which actors they'd love to see cast in the upcoming projects.  Come inside to see their picks and add your own!  



Shampoo, released in 1975, is the brainchild of two genius writers, Robert Towne and Warren Beatty, and a genius director at the top of his form, Hal Ashby. The film examines sex and relationships; and it’s one of the important and underseen films of the New Hollywood Era.

Portraits of Greed: Lasting Lessons of The Treasure of the Sierra...

John Huston's 1948 masterpiece, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, examines the dark psyche of humanity; and continues to influence cinema into the 21st Century. Humphrey Bogart, one of our finest actors, encapsulates the greed, power, betrayal, and violence that looms inside humanity.

The Timelessness of Loneliness: Billy Wilder’s The Apartment

From the factory-like offices of the 1960s to the endlessness of the internet in the 21st century, The Apartment is an evergreen classic that endures to remind us that a little companionship can go a long way.

5 Other Movie Franchises That Crashed Onto Television

News this week came in that the final planned Divergent Series movie would be skipping the theaters and go direct to television/DVD.  It’s a rare move for such a major studio franchise to make, and it got me to thinking about other movie series that fizzled and did the same.  Come inside to check out a history of downward sliding franchises! 

Delayed Sequels Have Become Immediate Profits

Can studios really expect theater audiences to keep coming back to old franchises decades after their original release? Looking at data over the last couple decades, the answer has become a resounding yes. This is an in-depth look at why that is. 

Toy Fair Give us a Look at Funko’s Marvel Avengers Game...

During Toy Fair, Funko has revealed their new line of Funko Pops based on Crystal Dynamics' upcoming title "Marvel Avengers". I know there are...