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Trailer for Marmaduke makes you question your sanity

Apparently the comic strip film adaptation Marmaduke had a trailer sneak out onto the web last week...who knew?

New clip gives horror fans a good view of Freddy Krueger...

More so than giving us a high-def view of the new look for the iconic villain, the clip also gives us a taste of the visual style the new film will contain.

Viral Marketing for Tron Legacy let’s you get your game on

Viral marketing has become a huge part of film these days.  One of the most notable examples being The Dark Knight's whysoserious.com campaign to promote the film nearly a year before it's release.  Well it looks like Tron Legacy is starting to do the same thing, through a very clever image game.

Horror fans finally get a look at the new Freddy Krueger

After much speculation and secrecy, those eagerly anticipating the Nightmare on Elm Street remake at last get a look at the new Krueger.

The new Red Sonja actress might even ruin the original

Apparently the Red Sonja remake has been hitting some rocky roads lately, and it looks like the entire project is going to be re-formed. ...

Resident Evil: Afterlife teaser zombie crawls to the web

The fourth entry into the video game-turned horror movie franchise has a new teaser trailer out....because you were all dying to see it.

New The Expendables trailer doesn’t get much more masculine

Stallone, Statham, Li, Arnold, Willis, could this cast get any better?

Space Invaders might invade your local theater

Video games and films have always had a lot in common, and unfortunately when they have combined their forces, the result hasn't always been...good.  Well Warner Bros is looking to try again with a new movie based on the incredibly popular arcade game Space Invaders.

More Zoolander 2 details emerging

A few days ago we reported that news of a Zoolander sequel was in the works, and today there are more details coming from Ben Stiller himself.

Zoolander Sequel is Ramping Up

Long after it's initial release it looks like Zoolander is finally ready for a comeback.

The Casual Cinecast Discusses 1917, The Oscars, and More

In this week's episode of the Casual Cinecast, the crew reviews Sam Mendes' 1917, share their hopes for 2020 in film, and break down...