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The Women of Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls

Tyler Perry is no stranger to tackling serious subject matter and neither does he shy away from it. In his latest film for Lionsgate, he has brought together quite a gathering of talented female actors for the movie For Colored Girls. With the combined strength of their star power alone, this movie could bring quite a draw.

TMP Cinema Death Match: Freddy Krueger vs. Candyman

Have you ever had one of those hypothetical fight-to-the-death discussions with someone?  You know what I am talking about. It always goes a little something like this, “If Marty McFly and The Karate Kid were to fight to the death, who would win?”  Of course you have!  For your viewing entertainment, as well as ours, TheMoviePool has come up with a series of these sure to be epic battles.

TMP Reviews: Monsters

Despite a good premise and some impressive visuals, Monsters never quite capitalizes on its own potential, leaving viewers underwhelmed and disappointed.


In the near future, an alien invasion has taken over much of Mexico, where two Americans are stranded near the alien "infected zone." In an effort to get home, the pair must take a dangerous journey through the jungles the aliens occupy. Along the way, the pair grow closer, even as they learn something about the visitors.

3 reasons why the rumors of a new Star Wars trilogy...

Even though the recent rumors of a possible new Star Wars trilogy were quickly denied by Lucasfilm, don't believe it for a minute. I think George Lucas will eventually revisit his grand creation despite his statements to the contrary. It is inevitable; it is his destiny.


Instead of debating what we could see in a new trilogy, I would rather argue and show you why it is only a matter of time before we see an opening crawl against a star field again. In keeping with the trilogy theme, here are three good reasons why we'll see new Star films soon.

5 Actors who could be the next Tom Cruise

No one will ever forget the iconic scene of Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in his tighty-whities, crisp white shirt and darker than dark sunglasses, rocking out to ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’ in Risky Business. Without his presence, films like Days of Thunder, Top Gun, and Cocktail would have been totally different. I don’t know a man or boy on the planet who didn’t want to be him, or a woman who didn’t want to be with him. With Mission Impossible 4 shooting in Vancouver this December, is there any wonder why I have Tom Cruise on the mind? It also has me wondering, who could wear his crown as the next major movie star and leading man?

10 Film franchises that need a reboot (Part 2)

Well we’ve plowed the bountiful fields of movie franchises, and left it completely barren.  We have chosen 10 film franchises of a somewhat “good” nature, and have tried to predict which ones need a reboot (as opposed to the ones who never needed one).  We have presented 5 of those 10 to you and now it’s time to finish what we started.  Without further ado, here’s the remaining 5 film franchises that need a reboot.

10 Film franchises that need a reboot (Part 1)

Talk of rebooting or remaking a franchise of movies is always a touchy subject.  Thing is, most movies facing this ordeal are so beloved it is automatically assumed they cannot be touched.

Movie themed wedding cakes of epic proportions

Ok Maybe not all of them are epic in size (many are), but these cakes are sure to spice up any wedding reception.

3D – That thing from the 50s & where it’s going

With the release of Avatar next Thursday, April 22 (Earth Day) on DVD and Blu-ray, the question of how well the movie will hold up without the support of the 3D theatrical aspect presents itself as an illuminating quandary for home viewers.

Could The PS5 Be The Most Powerful Playstation Yet? | 2nd...

Thanks for checking out the 2nd Opinion Podcast! On this episode, we talk about DOOM Eternals Delay, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare BattlePass,...