‘Bridesmaids’ trailer: Is it ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’ with women?

Mel Brooks.  John Landis.  Ivan Reitman.  Harold Ramis.  These are just some of our comedy directing legends.  However, I think Judd Apatow more then qualifies to be part of them.  He almost single  handedly created the template for modern day comedy.  Bridesmaids is the next big comedy from Apatow and, well he didn't direct it, his fingerprints are pretty apparent in just the trailer alone.  But is this Apatow's next big movie, or just another Drillbit Taylor?

Kung Fu Panda 2 Super Bowl Teaser is Online

We already know that with this Sunday's big game there are several movies planning to debut or showcase their films for this year.  It's something many of us film geeks are really looking forward to, as it'll be our first real look at footage from our anticipated movies.  Now fans can get a taste of what's to come by releasing the full Super Bowl commercial for Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom.

Super 8, Captain America, and more snag Super Bowl commercials

Finally, the one thing that everyone is looking forward to during Super Bowl 2011 is about to be revealed this week; New Commercials!

New ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ trailer promises even more crazy action

When the Battle: Los Angeles teaser trailer came out about four months ago, I was floored.  It made this tired genre look fresh and new, unlike some other films that came out last year.  The cutting was great, and the music really added to the effects of the trailer.  If I was to grade the trailer, it would be a 10.  But the third trailer just came out for Battle: Los Angeles...and this one goes to 11.  Check it out after the jump.

Trailer for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ hits the...

Because you all want more of Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney has officially released the trailer for his fourth adventure, On Stranger Tides.  But does the trailer exceed expectations, or should it be dumped down to the depths of Davy Jones locker?

First ‘Thor’ trailer is interesting… but unremarkable


It’s December, which (by some strange Movie Law) means that movie trailers of films next summer are already starting to be advertised.  We’ve already seen the Transformers 3 trailer, but now we have the trailer for Paramount’s second big summer movie: Thor.  It’s set to open the summer of 2011, but does it deserve the coveted spot?

‘Cowboys & Aliens’ trailer blends the sci-fi and western genres with...

When I first heard of Cowboys & Aliens, I believed I was told.  Because, let me remind you; it’s freaking COWBOYS AND ALIENS. Let me repeat: COWBOYS AND ALIENS!  I would have accepted Cowboys!  Then Daniel Craig was cast and, well I was apprehensive about what kind of accent he would do, I was even more excited.  Add Harrison Ford and my excitement was through the roof!


Add a trailer and the excitement is virtually gone.

Green Lantern trailer is here and better than expected

At long last, fans eagerly awaiting the trailer and an extended look at the forthcoming Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds get what they wanted...a full trailer.  That's right, Warner Bros decided to throw caution to the wind and give fans a full theatrical trailer instead of a short teaser.  While we got a preview of this via Entertainment Tonight a couple days ago, many expressed fears that the footage appeared to take too much of a comedic approach to it.  Well put those fears to rest, as the full official trailer shows a far more serious film that looks to go beyond our expectations.

Cars 2 official trailer finally gives fans something to work with

So far what we've seen from Pixar's follow-up to Cars (cleverly named Cars 2) hasn't been anything to really brag about.  The teaser trailer didn't give away much information and seemed to be playing it safe.  Then the teaser poster came out and it was about was pretty boring.  Nothing in particular has really wowed us, or shown fans that this film can be great.  However, Pixar and Disney are looking to change that with the release of an actual trailer for Cars 2...and it does a much better job.

Third Tron Legacy trailer is the best so far

At this point I feel almost obligated to inform you that Disney is NOT paying me to post all of this information about Tron Legacy.  Seriously, as much as I do, I don't want anyone to think that's the case.  The truth is, I'm just a really big nerd and can't get enough of this film.  Disney has released yet another theatrical trailer for this film, and hands down this is the best one so far.  While a good portion of the footage in the trailer is stuff we've seen before, the footage that is new, is absolutely stunning.

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