Comic Books vs. Graphic Novels – Which Makes the Best Movie?

SAT verbal analogy flashback time! If comic book is to TV program, then graphic novel is to miniseries. See the difference? Comic books and graphic novels are two ways to tell a story using graphic print media. In many ways they can be very similar, but in some ways they are not. It is those differences that are important to consider when adapting their stories to film. 


Star Wars - The Machete Order

Have you ever had a friend or child that was new to Star Wars but you didn’t want them to start with Episode 1: The Phantom Menace because those STUPID midichlorians or the computer generated comedy relief known as Jar-Jar Binks? Or, maybe you are worried that showing Episodes 4 – 6 first will give away the ending? Ever hear of the Machete Order?


Life Lessons: 10 Important Things We've Learned from Watching Star Wars

Star Wars is a teaching tool; even though that probably wasn’t something George Lucas intended when he first wrote it, that’s exactly what it is.  With the new film, Star Wars: Episode VII, beginning production soon and a new generation of fans on the way, I thought it was a great time to remind people of all the handy things the previous films have taught us over the years.  So listen up kiddos, because these are things you need to know in order to understand the galaxy.


Spring Into Awesome with Cinelinx in April

It's finally Spring time, and for those of us movie and game lovers a few important things are happening.  For one, it means that the ever important Summer Movie Season is only a month away and secondly, video game releases are starting to pick up.  The things you've been looking forward to most are almost here and it's pretty damn exciting.  We're not missing a beat here at Cinelinx, and have a bunch of awesome things coming up for our readers to enjoy.  Come inside to check out what we have in store for the month of April!


Our Favorite Performances: Andy Serkis in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

There are some amazing actors out there who can make you feel things you never expected to while watching a movie.  More than simply moving the story along, they give you a reason to root for them (even if they’re bad guys), and make it feel as though you’re living the experience right along with them.  And then there are actors so amazing, they can do all of this without ever seeing their face.  Andy Serkis is one such actor, and his portrayal of Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, ranks among my favorite performances of all time.  


Rom Com Reflection: Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love is one of those movies that I always forget just how good it is until I watch it again and find myself enraptured by every moment, inspired by its themes, and motivated by its brilliance.  It’s a film that explores creativity and the passions that guide us.  It’s in equal parts touching, funny, poignant, and powerful, and so far it’s stood the test of time and remained my favorite romantic comedy since its release in 1998.  


Rom Com Refelction: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

While it may not be an older classic film most people associate with the 'great' romantic movies, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is still an amazing film that works on multiple levels, with a story that's at it's heart, all about love.  More than that, however, it's all about finding the right love for you, and being able to not only accept that love, but give it as well.  The Scott Pilgrim story is far deeper than the zaniness it portrays, and features a fairly profound message if you're willing to listen. 


Rom Com Reflection: The 80's

Today romantic comedies are known for being repetative and full of cliches, but the genre didn't always have that reputation. The 1980's required film makers to reinvent the long-running genre for a new generation.  


Movies that Influenced Us: V for Vendetta

“Symbols are given power by people.  Alone, a symbol is meaningless, but with enough people, blowing up a building can change the world.”

When it was first released, critics decided that V for Vendetta was a good movie, but it wasn’t considered great.  Since then, it has gained in popularity, become a symbol for protestors, infiltrated English classes, and influenced people everywhere.  It certainly influenced me, and it stands tall as one of my all-time favorites.  It’s a movie I find myself going back to again and again, and it provokes excellent discussions whenever I present it to the high school film classes I teach.

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