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TMP Reviews: Black Swan

Haunting and beautiful, Black Swan soars.  The pursuit of perfection can be a perilous thing. We’re taught to strive to be the best. We can’t be complete until we rid ourselves of all faults. Perfection isn’t just a goal: it’s a moral mandate. Of course, the obvious problem with this message is that we are all defined by our imperfections. None of us are perfect. We’re all flawed.

New Alien Prequel script is a winner and Fox wants Natalie...

Count this as your big nerdy news scoop for the week, because it probably won't get much better than this.  Vulture reported on this earlier today and it's a whopper of a story.  Apparently Damon Lindelof (Lost writer) turned in his latest draft for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel this past Saturday, and the movie studio absolutely fell in love with it.


According to reports, 20th Century Fox liked Lindelhof's script because it was engaging, and best of all featured no massive (read expensive) set pieces or production heavy FX shots.  Which means the script can be shot on a cheaper budget.  It's great news because so far Scott and Fox have been arguing about the budget, so hopefully this new script will help resolve that issue.

Warner Bros. wants Sandra Bullock for ‘Gravity’

Hey, it’s been five days since an update on Gravity!  Well, that’s a problem.  Thankfully, Warner Bros. is aiming to change that, and is now adding another actor to their list of potential stars to take on Gravity.

Natalie Portman providing salvation to ‘Gravity’

Remember how the future of Gravity was in doubt a while back?  Well, not if Natalie Portman has anything to say about it.

Natalie Portman is prepared to toke it up

Or she will in her next movie at least. 

The Lord of Chaos Gets a MASSIVE New Action Figure

Hasbro has revealed their latest HasLab crowdfunding effort, which gives Transformers fans the largest creation to date, with Unicron... I'm not a huge Transformers fan,...