Check Out The Latest Overwatch Short, The Last Bastion

Blizzard is at it again with another phenominal animated short film for Overwatch, this time covering Bastion.

Overwatch Adds Olympics In New Update

The Summer Olympics are just a few days away, and you can celebrate by jumping into Overwatch.

Meet the Newest Hero Coming to Overwatch

The newest hero for Overwatch has been unveiled a lot sooner than expected!  Come inside to learn more about the Healing Sharpshooter Ana!

New Overwatch Hero to be Revealed at SDCC

Blizzard has teased that a new hero is on its way to Overwatch!  Now, we know that it's going to be shown during a panel at SDCC 2016!  Come inside to see more!

Battleborn Vs Overwatch, How To Decide Which To Play

It is a bit strange that two games under development by two very different studios end up being extremely similar and release in the same month. Of course I’m talking about Battleborn by Gearbox and Overwatch by Blizzard. A lot of the similarities end when you really dive into each game, and if you are stuck on a fence trying to decide which game to dump your money into, we got you covered.

Preview: Overwatch Beta Impressions

Overwatch is a new IP from Blizzard that a lot of fans have been desperately waiting for. The game takes on a “MOBA” (Multi-play Online Battle Arena) approach, in a way, and blends it with an arena FPS (first person shooter) with a unique twist around every turn. The game’s dynamics are beautifully crafted and the gameplay is simply addicting and fun, but is there enough content to warrant a purchase? Find out in our preview.

Competitive Play In Overwatch Delayed

Blizzard has announced that competitive play will be missing in Overwatch until after launch.

Overwatch Open Beta Coming 5/3

Blizzard Invites Gamers to Help Revolutionize the TF Arena

Blizzard Released The First Overwatch Animated Short

Blizzard announced that they will release a series of animated shorts leading up to the release of Overwatch and today we got our first episode! It's rather good too!

Blizzard’s Overwatch Gets a Release Date and Open Beta in May!

The full game releases May 24th, but you can play it early during the beta! Find out when that is after the jump.

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