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The Lord of the Seven Seas is Officially Coming to Soul...

That's right you sea dogs, Cervantes is back to take on all who oppose him and is in search of the Soul Edge!

2nd Opinion Podcast #227 | COD: BLACKOUT IS BOTH GOOD AND...

We are back once again for another great podcast! Who is ready to hear Boltz and s0leb disagree!? 

Check out 30 Minutes of Strange Brigade Story Mode Gameplay!

The Strange Brigade is here for take down evil and collect lost relics of times past! Who ready to get some loot and kill some undead freaks!?

Strange Brigade Launch Trailer Arrives, Who is ready to kill some...

 The Strange Brigade launch trailer is here and man we cant wait to take down some evil undead freaks!

Strange Brigade Launches in 5 Days, Whos Ready to Kill Mummy...

Get ready for a STRANGE action adventure game like never before!

Razer Releases Two PS4 Raiju Controllers and the Thresher Headset

One of the industry's top innovators of gaming technology is coming out with two new PS4 controllers and headset to up your game.  More within...

2nd Opinion Podcast | Off The Hinge #4 | Top 5...

We are back for another episode of the 2nd Opinion Podcast Off the Hinge! We talk about our Top 5 Animes!

2K Announces the return of WWe Showcase, Will feature Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan is back and will be featured in the WWE 2K19 Showcase mode! Whos Ready!


Fallout 76 will be something truly special, but there are some aspects that just dont sit right with some people!

QuakeCon 2018 | Quake Champions Interview

During QuakeCon 2018 we had the chance to talk with Joseph Boyle, Community Manager of Quake Champions about the game and how it's evolved over the last couple years. 

Attend an Early Screening for DC’s Birds of Prey On Us!

The Birds of Prey, along with Harley Quinn, are about ready to hit the big screen and we're giving our readers in cities across...