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The Trailer for ‘The Grudge’ Reboot is Here and it is...

Fans of horror beware, Sam Raimi is here to give you a scare with the trailer for the latest take on The Grudge. The story...

Six Superhero Movies That Nearly Went Into Production

Movie production is a complicated process, especially when you consider the issues of a big budget superhero movie. Here is a look at six...

Sam Raimi in Negotiations to Direct the Kingkiller Chronicles

The director of original Spider-man trilogy and the Evil Dead saga could be about to jump back into the supernatural genre as Lionsgate is courting him for the Kingkiller Chronicles, according to a new report.

Give Me Some Sugar Baby!

On Thursday STARZ sent the word out that Necronomicon hating, Boom Stick loving Ash is coming back in a new series.

Sam Raimi Talks The Last of Us, Maisie Williams Could Star

We've know that The Last of Us is being turned into a movie, with Sam Raimi guiding the film as a producer, but that's about all we know.  Today at SDCC, Sam Raimi took the stage to talk about the upcoming film along with the game and screenwriter for it, Neil Druckmann.  One of the more interesting tidbits is that Maisie Williams had been approached for a lead role.

Blu Review: Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful arrived in theaters to mixed reviews from critics and a B+ Cinemascore from audiences. It managed to more than make back its production cost and will be followed up by the inevitable sequel. Sam Raimi's prequel to the 1939 classic now hits Blu-ray and DVD, giving audiences either another chance to see it for the first time or give it a second look in the comfort of their own homes.

James Franco and Rachel Weisz discuss Oz the Great and Powerful

James Franco and Rachel Weisz discuss their roles in Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful!

Evil Dead Is All Gore And No Humor

The day Sam Raimi fans have been either anticipating or dreading for 30 years is upon us. The remake of Evil Dead has taken over theaters. Most enthusiasts of the original horror trilogy wanted another sequel. That's definitely not what we get in this gore fest.

Duncan Jones to Direct World of Warcraft Movie

Video games have always seemed like ripe pickings for movie ideas, so it comes as no surprise that a World of Warcraft feature-length film has been in the works for some time. This week brought several exciting developments that make it seem like production is finally moving forward.  

Meet the Wicked Witch of the West In A New Poster...

At this point, I'm still not sure about Oz: The Great and Powerful. On the one hand, I love Sam Raimi. On the other though, I find the actual idea of doing a Wizard of Oz prequel about the ACTUAL wizard of Oz a little silly. That said, the marketing material so far has been pretty great, with a really dazzling teaser poster that came out a few months ago. And now there's another poster for the film—this time focusing on the Wicked Witch of the West.

Casual Cinecast: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Mandalorian, and More

This week brings about another Casually Criterion episode, while the crew also discusses The Mandalorian, Watchmen, and Fleabag!  It’s time for another Casually Criterion episode!...