Picks From The Rack: Thor, Ms. Marvel, and Darth Vader

Let’s get this comic thing going. So it was a great week for books and let me tell you about them. So Thor #1 gets us back to this telling of Jane Foster as Thor. Considering it was revealed and then Secret Wars started it’s good to be getting back to this. Deadpool #2 is not shaping up to be your standard Deadpool book. Look there are twists in here that are really leaving us in the dark and I’m very curious what is going on. Secret Six #8 was slow but if Gail Simone is writing it I will be reading it. Hey I’m a fanboy for her stuff. Ms Marvel  #1 starts strong with Kamala Khan a full Avenger but still dealing with high school and other problems. Really funny book. And Vader Down #1 starts our fir crossover event in the Star Wars comic universe. We’re about to find out just how powerful Vader is as he squares off against a lot of the Rebellion. Seriously good stuff here.

Picks From The Rack: Secret Six, Justice League, and Star Wars

Picks From the Rack is back this week and taking a look at a slew of new comics that hit the shelves, including a double dose of Star Wars and a very interesting turn in Justice League.  Come inside to watch the new episode! 


Sinister Six #1 Comic Book Review

DC Comics reboots the Secret Six in the New 52 Universe as a monthly series. Issue #1 is entitled “One Less Mouth to Feed.” Writer Gail Simone and Penciller Ken Lashley pair up to bring the misfits back into the public eye.

Geek Pick of the Week: Prime 1 Studio’s Jurassic Park Diorama

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