Tag: Simulation

E3 First Impressions: Evil Genius 2

Rebellion brings us a sequel to the satirical "spy-fi" base-builder Evil Genius and I got a chance to sit with a couple of the...

Planet Zoo Gets a New Trailer and Release Date

Frontier Developments made the announcement during the PC Gaming Show on Monday that Planet Zoo will be launching later this year. And I could not be...

Behind the Scenes With Two Point Hospital’s Vision Trailer

Looking for the next fun simulation game? Ever wanted to manage a hospital without any of the real-world responsibilities? Well your search is over, because Two Point Hospital is moving to fill that niche in 2018. Check out the behind the scenes trailer for this charming hospital simulator and how you can get exclusive in-game items, all right here!

Ubisoft Reveals Anno 2205 Gold Edition

Ubisoft's upcoming city builder/economy sim with a sci-fi twist is going to release with a special "Gold Edition" for fans of the franchise to enjoy some extra goodies to go with their game.  Come inside to see what's in store. 

Games We Can’t Stop Playing: Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon is a black hole of free time, a disaster for competitively creative minds who actually have something more important they should be doing. This is a warning.

Hands On: The Star Wars Battle Pod Experience

The new Star Wars Battle Pod game gave me a reason to plan a trip to the video arcade.  Once I was in the pod, I had to experience every epic level the arcade had to offer and have brought my thoughts on the new gaming machine.

Go Home: Clash Of Champions

It’s another episode of Go Home, and our Cinelinx Tag Team Champions are talking The WWE. Time for another major event in the world of Pro Wrestling! The WWE Is...