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Powerful Streaming Software, Gameshow 3, is Now Only $29

If you're looking to step up your video game streaming, or simply looking for a way to get started, you're in luck.  Gameshow v.3 has now gone on sale, giving you tons of professional options for only $29.  

Map out Your Shoot with StoryBoard Artist 7

Look out filmmakers and pre-production planners, a new version of StoryBoard Artist has launched, bringing with it more tools for you to plan out a shoot in the easiest possible way.  Come inside to learn more.

The best software to archive your movie collection…just in case

Like most movie enthusiasts, I have an extensive collection of movies. Unfortunately for me, I once had it stolen and it was a very traumatic episode.  I wish I had been more prepared for the event and to this day, I am still missing some titles. I was caught off guard and ill prepared to replace my collection because I did not have a written list of all the titles in my collection. It is a mistake I have not repeated. So, word to the wise, gather a comprehensive list. Compile a movie archive. Organize it in alphabetical order, by director, by genre, or by movie cover color. However you decide to do it...just do it.

Geek Pick of the Week: The Art of Game of Thrones

This week sees the release of an all new art book collecting behind the scenes art and information from all eight seasons of the...