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Ranking the Star Wars Films by their Lightsaber Battles

All cinematic lightsaber battles are not equal. This is a ranking of the Star Wars films based on the Lightsaber battles that they portray.

The Good, the Bad and the Meh of the Force Awakens...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened this weekend and it’s conquering the film galaxy by smashing all previous box office records. It’s getting mostly positive reviews and it’s the first sequel since 1983 to make fans leave the theater happy. Cinelinx looks at the pros, cons and the mediocre moments of this blockbuster hit. But beware of spoilers.

6 Movie Sequels That Would Have Benefited From a Monkey

Monkeys are awesome.  This is one of those theories of life that are never debated, up there with the Theory of Evolution and the Origin of George Lucas’ Beard and Flannel Shirt Combo (if anything, the man has style).  So by including a monkey in The Hangover: Part II, the film is already the greatest movie of all time (only equal to 12 Monkeys and MVP: Most Valuable Primate).  The Hangover II made the right decision by including one of our primate brethren in the confines of its film, but other movie sequels were less thoughtful.  Thus, here are the six films that would have benefited most from including everyone’s favorite simians.

S0leb Got Five Amazon Funko POPs For Free!? | 2nd Opinion...

Every once in a while we all get a streak of luck, well I was going through some clothes and out popped an Amazon...