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Billy Dee Williams Talks Star Wars Rebels, Sequels, & More (Exclusive)

A few weeks ago, Star Wars Rebels brought back Billy Dee Williams to voice Lando Calrissian for an all new adventure with the fan favorite character.  Following his reprisal, I got the chance to talk with Billy Dee Williams about his return, along with his thoughts on a few other things regarding the future of Star Wars.  Come inside to check out the full interview!

Lando Will Be Back for More Star Wars Rebels Adventures

Billy Dee Williams made his return to the galaxy far, far away recently in an episode of Star Wars Rebels, in which he reprised his role of Lando Calrissian much to the delight of Star Wars fans.  While some have assumed Lando could pop up in future episodes of the animated series, I got the scoop directly from the man himself.  You haven't seen the last of Lando.  

Star Wars: Detours May Finally Get Released

Sources are claiming that multiple thing are lining up currently that will allow the new animated digital series to release soon. Find out why, and when we could be seeing it!

Next Star Wars Animated Series Could Take Place During Sequel Trilogy...

All eyes are currently on Star Wars: The Force Awakens as we eagerly await the release of the first trailer, but that doesn't mean other things aren't in motion for other aspects of the galaxy far, far away. A new report has come out regarding future animated series and when exactly they'd take place. Come inside to learn more!

James Earl Jones Returns as Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels!

After rumors of the Star Wars Rebels premiere airing on ABC with a specially added Darth Vader scene, it's now been officially confirmed.  What's better is James Earl Jones is coming back to once again voice the iconic Sith Lord!

Disney XD Gives Star Wars Rebels a Second Season Order

Star Wars Rebels, the newest cartoon series, is set to debut tomorrow night on Disney XD, and ahead of it's premier the companies have announced that the show has been given a second season already.  As if there were any doubt. 

Star Wars Rebels Premiere and Series Dates Revealed

We've known for a while now that Star Wars Rebels, the upcoming animated series, was set to debut on Disney XD in October.  What we've been wondering for a little while now (and were surprised to not hear about at SDCC), is the exact date when the hour long premiere would air, and when the rest of the series would follow.  Now we do, thanks to an announcement from Lucasfilm/Disney.  Come inside to find out when you can see the premiere, how to see it early, and when to set your DVRs for the rest of the series!

New Star Wars Rebels Short, ‘Art Attack’, Now Online

Last week, it was revealed that Lucasfilm would be airing a new short from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels show every Monday for the next few weeks as part of their lead up to the series' debut on Disney XD.  Previously we saw Chopper in action, and this week the spotlight is on the Mandalorian character Sabine.  Come inside to check it out!

New Star Wars Rebels Short Available; Kicking Off New Series of...

We're only a couple months away from seeing Star Wars Rebels debut on Disney XD, and while we've been getting more and more information and footage from the new series, rabid Star Wars fans (including myself) can't seem to get enough.  To drum up more excitement for the show and offer up more glances at the series, Disney is kicking off a series of "shorts" that will debut every Monday.  The first one is available now, so come inside to check it out!

New Star Wars Rebels Trailer Released at SDCC

Tonight featured the Star Wars Rebels panel at SDCC 2014, in which members of the cast and crew were gathered together.  The panel offered up plenty of details, including a clip of the Inquisitor's spinning Lightsaber in action and even a really awesome new trailer for the show (different from what we saw earlier this week) that gives us a glimpse at some familiar characters!

Go Home: Clash Of Champions

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