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New Image From Star Wars Rebels Shows the Inquisitor Leading Stormtroopers

It's 2014 and later this year (in the Fall) Disney is planning on unleashing the first Star Wars related project under their banner, in the brand new animated series Star Wars Rebels.  Since we're now in the year of it's release expect to start finally seeing more and more of it revealed.  Today brings a new pic from the show, once again featuring the menacing new villain. 

Darth Vader TV Specials Inbound, Plus Episode VII Still on Track...

It's the end of the week and barely any Star Wars news (or rumors) have come out, which either means something's wrong, or something awesome is on the way.  It looks to be the latter as today brings word from a licensing expo over in Europe on a plethora of Star Wars topics, and the best part is...it's all official!  Come inside to check out some info on upcoming LEGO games, Darth Vader TV specials, and possible confirmation that Episode VII is still coming in Summer 2015. 

Take a Gander at Star Wars Rebels’ New Villain (Plus Other...

This past weekend at NYCC, Lucasfilm and Dave Filoni brought Star Wars Rebels to the show and revealed some new tidbits on the upcoming animated series coming out next year including the first look at the new villain (in a bad ass screenshot), details on the timeline, and other good facts.  Come inside to check out all the details from the revealing NYCC panel!

Disney Announces Star Wars Rebels the Cartoon Show for 2014

Earlier this year, Disney pulled the plug on Star Wars The Clone Wars, the well done Star Wars show on Cartoon Network.  Since its cancellation we've know that they were working on a brand new show and that Dave Filoni (the CW supervising director) was already getting prepped for that.  Now Disney has officially announced the new cartoon show, set in the 20 year gap between Episode 3 and 4, is in production and will debut on Disney XD in Fall 2014.  Come inside for all the details.

Channel Control: Star Wars Live-Action TV Show May Finally Happen at...

Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the world has been abuzz with the possibilites of the upcoming sequel trilogy for Star Wars.  Some fans, though, may remember that there was also a live-action TV show planned, that's been long gestating; and have wondered if the show (which has been off the radar for quite some time) may pop back up.  Now we have our answer, as ABC is looking in to making the Star Wars show happen. 

Go Home: Clash Of Champions

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