Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Coming to Steam in December

Konami has announced a release date for PC gamers to finally get their hands on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, thanks to the Steam Client, and it's just in time for the holidays! 

Storm Isle Productions Still Hard at Work

It has been a little less than a month since The Fathergamer, Eric Gibbs and I spoke to Nathan J Hunt of Storm Isle Productions about their kickstarter but let me assure you, they are still clicking away at their keyboards to bring us Disciples of the Storm.

MIA: The Stomping Land Goes Dormant After Successful KickStarter

All sorts of new and amazing games are springing up on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.  These are great tools for game developers to present new ideas to the masses, and provides gamers the chance to try out something different. Not all games have a fairy tale ending, however, and sometimes gamers get burned on the promise of something intriguing, only to be completely ignored and cast aside after helping to fund the project.  Such is the case with The Stomping Land, and we decided to look into it. 

Indie Spotlight: Gang Beasts, the Beautiful Brawler!

If you are looking for a game that makes you laugh that you can enjoy with up to 3 (with plans to make it up to 9!) friends, Gang Beasts is right up your street. Described as a Multiplayer Co-op Party Game with doughy physics, Gang Beasts brings back the beautiful simplicity of battering your friends. 

[Update] Double Fine’s Broken Age: Kickstarter-backers to receive the game tomorrow!

[Update: Looks like they've announced a release date for everyone else now!] Kickstarter-backers of Broken Age are in for a treat as they are due to recieve the game tomorrow. With a large fanbase following Double Fine's Kickstarter project, Broken Age is expected to be a huge hit.

The Fathergamer Podcast #28

  In this episode Jason the X, Chris Danger and Fathergamer discuss GTA 5, violence in videogames and TGS. You can also try...

Full Steam Ahead! Valve Reveal “Steam Machine” Consoles

Valve have announced  they will be releasing  a living room gaming console for PC games. The console is expected to be launched at some point in 2014 and will come in three variations (collectively known as "Steam Machines"). Come inside to learn more!

The Casual Cinecast Discusses Criterion’s In the Mood For Love

In this week's episode of Casual Cinecast's "Casually Criterion", the gang discusses Wong Kar-Wai's In the Mood for Love and breaks down the latest...