The Evil Spirit Kage Joins Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

A new fighter has joined the Street Fighter tournament!  See the terrifying spirit, Kage, attempt to take control of Ryu in his action-packed trailer!

Feel Blanka’s Rage in the Gameplay Trailer for Street Fighter V:...

Street Fighter's electrically charged beast is finally making his debut in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition!  See the wild Blanka in action within...

Capcom Reveals the All-Inclusive Arcade Edition for Street Fighter V

Capcom plans to release a new version of Street Fighter V with all the bells and whistles.  Check out everything it includes!

Street Fighter V Adds Story Campaigns and Much More

Capcom has officially announced that Street Fighter V will dive deeper into the characters with new backstory campaigns.  That's not the only thing they revealed.  Come inside for more.

Zangief is BACK BABY!

Earlier today at IgroMir in Russia Zangief, aka the Red Cyclone was announced for the upcoming Street Fighter V.

Rashid Added To Steet Fighter V Roster

Check out the latest addition to Street Fighter V!

R. Mika Trailer Revealed For Street Fight V

Rainbow Mika makes a return to Street Fighter V and we got the new trailer for you right here!

Vega Gets a New Look for his Street Fighter V Return

Gamescom is going down this week, and Capcom has released a brand new trailer for Street Fighter V showing off the return of a classic character with a brand new look.  Come inside to check it out! 

Brand New Street Fighter V Character Revealed at EVO

The EVO Championships went down this past weekend, and Capcom used the fighting game tournament as an opportunity to show off something new for their upcoming Street Fighter V, an entirely original character for the franchise.  Come inside to catch the all new trailer showing him in action!  

Street Fighter V Exclusive to PS4 and PC

While a leak happened yesterday, Capcom has now officially revealed the fifth entry in the much beloved Street Fighter franchise, and as originally reported, it is indeed a PS4 and PC exclusive title.  Get your fighting thumbs ready and check out the killer announcement trailer!

Go Home: Clash Of Champions

It’s another episode of Go Home, and our Cinelinx Tag Team Champions are talking The WWE. Time for another major event in the world of Pro Wrestling! The WWE Is...