The Death and Return of Superman Arrives on 4K This October

DC Animation has announced a new 4K/Blu-ray film collection that brings the complete animated story of Superman's greatest challenge together.  At the beginning of the...

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The First Cinematic Superheroes

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When Movie Superheroes Don’t Save The Day

On the big screen, the superhero always manages to overcome seemingly overwhelming odds to 'save the day'. However, if you look closer at some superhero films, you’ll find many examples of instances where the superhero didn’t actually save the day like they were supposed to, or someone else did it for them.

Rumor: A Superman: Red Son Movie is Happening

According to the latest rumors, an animated adaptation of Superman: Red Son is on the way (to the delight of Superman fans everywhere). More inside...

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Henry Cavill Flying Away From Superman

Henry Cavill looks to be hanging up the cape.

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In the spirit of fall, we select the 25 best scenes in film where someone is falling.

Henry Cavill Will Star as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix...

Superman has left Metropolis and entered the world of The Witcher! Demons, Ghouls, and Thevies beware, for Superman is here!

Films That Were Influenced by Star Wars

Last week we looked at the films which made Star Wars possible. This week, we’re looking at the films which would not have been possible without Star Wars.

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