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Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ has been confirmed

Not too long ago, Stan Lee wrote on his Twitter that two new marvel movies were coming alive. It looks like part of...

‘The Avengers’ premake trailer is just what fans need

A fan made video compiled from several old movies, shows fans what The Avengers would have looked like if it had come out in 1952...it would still be awesome!

Nerds rejoice! Whedon is confirmed for ‘The Avengers’

After much speculation and rumor circulating the web, Joss Whedon has confirmed what we all hoped: he will direct The Avengers.

Edward Norton opens up about ‘The Avengers’ on his Facebook

Norton addresses his fans via his Facebook page, to help put an end to the rumors and drama over his leaving the Avengers.

Rumor Control: Marvel wants Joaquin Pheonix for Hulk?

In the wake of Marvel's annoucement that they'll be re-casting the role of Bruce Banner for the upcoming Avengers flick, rumors have been running rampant. 

Edward Norton is not the Hulk in The Avengers..but he’d like...

A disappointing decision has been made excluding Edward Norton from recapturing his role as The Hulk in the new The Avengers movie.  Was the decision a mutual agreement, or an attempt to watch the budget?  TheMoviePool reports on the possible deal that just did not materialize.

No screen time for Iron Man until the ‘Avengers’

It looks like Iron Man gets to take a break after his battle with Whiplash before joining the superhero group.

Could The PS5 Be The Most Powerful Playstation Yet? | 2nd...

Thanks for checking out the 2nd Opinion Podcast! On this episode, we talk about DOOM Eternals Delay, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare BattlePass,...