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THE BATMAN May Be Set In The 1990’s

It seems that the caped crusader will be rocking into the 90s

Rumor Mill: Armie Hammer Is Potentially In Final Talks To Play...

We may finally have a winner in the caped crusader race

The Batman set for Summer 2021

It does not take long into the night, before that oh so familiar signal lights up the sky of Gotham City. And make no mistake about it, The Bat Signal is shining, and Matt Reeves is coming to answer it.

It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 117: T’Was...

It’s another episode of It Is What It Is, and B.C. is talking all sorts of topics, so come give a listen to this holiday edition of the show!

Could Jake Gyllenhaal To Take Up The Bat Mantle?

In the on again, off again, drama that is the Batfleck saga, new rumors have surfaced of new younger Batman to take up the mantle going forward with Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 102: Jokers,...

Another week, and we have 12 new updates on DCEU….. and BC is talking about them!

The Batman: Matt Reeves Will Officially Direct and Produce

After an initial rumor, then having the negotiations break down entirely, Warner Bros. has officially hired Matt Reeves to direct The Batman, which will give the newest incarnation of the Caped Crusader a standalone story.  Come inside to check out the announcement!  

Four Things DC Can Do If Ben Affleck Bolts From DCEU

With all the hints we’ve seen lately about Ben Affleck having serious doubts regarding the DCEU projects he’s involved in, the powers-that-be at DC and the WB must be worried about losing their Batman. What will they do if Affleck abandons the bat cave? Here are four possibilities for continuing the DCEU post-Affleck.

Ben Affleck Affirms he IS directing The Batman solo film

The DCEU has been riddled with questions, most notably about a Ben Affleck staring and directed Batman Solo. Is he directing? Is he not? Well looks we have an answer, for now.

Joe Manganiello officially set to take on the Bat

Geoff Johns has officially given us a new villain for not only the DC Cinematic Universe, but for Ben Afflecks solo Batman film.

The Lord of Chaos Gets a MASSIVE New Action Figure

Hasbro has revealed their latest HasLab crowdfunding effort, which gives Transformers fans the largest creation to date, with Unicron... I'm not a huge Transformers fan,...