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SDCC 2019 CW Superheroes Panels – part 2

Finishing off the CW shows we have Black Lightning and The Flash. Fortunately, these two panels are a bit more upbeat and won't have...

IT Chapter Two Director Eyed To Become New Director Of THE...

The changes and switch ups are still happening with Warner Bros THE FLASH movie.  It now seems that there are new people in the mix to...

The Flash: The Complete 5th Season Arrives on DVD & Blu-Ray...

The exciting 5th season of The Flash will be arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 27th. The 5th season follows the ongoing adventures...

THE FLASH Star May be Leaving The Show After Season Five

The cortex of S.T.A.R Labs may be getting a bit less comical come next season

Stand United in the Official Justice League Trailer

After a two day campaign to promote an exclusive new Justice League trailer, Warner Bros. and DC have finally released the latest trailer for the Superhero Team-up!  Check it out!

The CW Crossover Event is Finally Here

At long last the CW DC crossover event is taking place this week. This week DC will bring us the Invasion! storyline that was part of the comics in the late 80’s. Check out the story below.

The Flash Movie Loses Its Second Director; May Be Delayed

One of DC's solo films has hit, yet another, snag.  The Flash movie has lost its second director and it could slow down the world's fastest man from making it to theaters on time.  Come inside for more.

CW Superhero Universe amping up for major crossover

Stephen Amell is up to his teasing social media ways getting us ready for the inevitable largest television superhero crossover!

Flashpoint Won’t Last All Season on The Flash

With the season ender of Flash the fans were left saying, “Barry done messed up big time”. With the title of the first being Flashpoint we were assured that Barry done messed up big time. Now this is a great method to widen the DC television universe bringing in a certain red and blue caped hero. No not that one his cousin. But with last season the overall story between Flash and Zoom encompassed the whole season and while some where thinking this would be what would take that place Grant Gustin has said otherwise. 

First look at Kid Flash from CW’s The Flash

Last season of The Flash introduced Keiynan Lonsdale as this universe’s Wally West. We saw him and Jesse Chambers Wells played by Violett Beane hit by the Speed Force eluding that they had both been granted powers from it. Well this image shows that he will be donning the yellow and red to become our Kid Flash.

Geek Pick of the Week: The Art of Game of Thrones

This week sees the release of an all new art book collecting behind the scenes art and information from all eight seasons of the...