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Box Office Top 10 April 22-24: Rio Goes Against the Family

Rio beat out Madea's Family on Easter Weekend 2011. It was a busy weekend, as the top two films made over $25 million each and the next two films each topped $10 million. It's a good sign that people may be headed back to theaters just as the summer season approaches. Elsewhere, Hop jumped into blockbuster territory, as the CGI Easter flick topped the $100 million mark in ticket sales.

Box Office Top 10 April 8-10: Hop Beats Hannah

Hop won the box office derby for the weekend of April 8 through 10, 2011. The CGI-heavy Easter flick topped Hannah, the teen assassin, and Arthur, the reboot of the drunken billionaire comedy, minus the drinking. Among other releases, Soul Surfer, the true story of a surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack, finished fourth and played well, despite playing on fewer screens.

Box Office Top 10 March 25-27: Wimpy Kid beats hot chicks

The story behind the movies was interesting this week, even if the movies themselves weren't quite as engrossing. Fox's under-publicized family sequel toppled the big-budget special effects juggernaut in the year's biggest box office upset so far. Fox's Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 beat out Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch to win the box office derby for the weekend of March 25 through 27, 2011.

Box Office Top 10 March 18-20: Cooper Reaches His Limit

Bradley Cooper's Limitless hardly lived up to its title, grossing $19 million in another down weekend for Hollywood movies. The take, however, was enough to lead all other films. Rango continued to ride high in the saddle to finish second, and Battle: Los Angeles retreated to third. The weekend gross by Limitless runs far behind what Battle: LA pulled in just last week ($35 million), and is indicative of just how lackluster it was at theaters for the weekend of March 18 though 20, 2011. Not even the final weekend of spring break could save movies from a poor showing, including new releases The Lincoln Lawyer and Paul.

Box Office Top 10 March 11-13: Battle Wins the War

Battle: Los Angeles breathed new life into the alien invasion genre as it topped the box office for the weekend ending March 11-13, 2011. Other new films that opened over the weekend did not fare as well; Red Riding Hood got lost in the cinematic forest and Mars Needs Moms bombed.

Box Office Top 10 March 4-6: Rango Reigns Supreme

The reunion of Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Carribbean director Gore Verbinski paid dividends for Paramount, as the animated comedy Rango led a trio of new movies to the top of the box office for the weekend of March 4 through 6, 2011. Mat Damon's The Adjustment Bureau came in a distant second, while the teen drama Beastly finished third.

Box Office Top 10 February 25-27: “Hall” Passes Gnomes

In a weekend in which no movie seemed to want to lead, Hall Pass won the box office derby for the weekend of February 25 through 27, 2011. The Farrelly Brothers film barely bested Gnomeo and Juliet, which finished a close second, but it was a lackluster performance for the R-rated comedy featuring a number of popular young actors.

Box Office Top 10 February 18-20: Liam beats Gnomes!

Liam Neeson's latest action thriller was a hit with audiences once again, as Unknown topped the box office top ten for President's Day weekend, February 18-21, 2010. On the other hand, I Am Number Four, from producer Michael Bay, failed to click with audiences, as it managed only a third place finish for the four-day weekend. Gnomeo and Juliet, bolstered by a strong kid turnout on President's Day, slipped past Number Four to take second place.

10 Female Characters with the Best Bad Behavior in Film

Actors have often said that playing a baddy is the most fun they ever had because they can just let loose. No restrictions, no couth, and often no conscience! When women play bad girl roles we end up with characters with behavior running the gamut from harmless rascal to downright dangerous. There’s no denying some of the most unforgettable roles belong to female characters behaving badly.

These characters are vixens, schemers, vengeful, plotting, and femme fatales that are a lot of fun — and shocking — to watch. Whether these females are manoeuvring people like chess pieces on a board, charming the unsuspecting into danger or out of fortunes, getting even, social climbing or just being straight up bad, these female characters are the best of the baddest characters in film.

Box Office Top 10 February 11-13: Sandler beats the Bieber

It was a close race for the number one spot at the box office, but Adam Sandler's Just Go With It topped Justin Bieber's Never Say Never as the top movie of the weekend. We should all thank Sandler, because had Bieber won the box office derby, it would have signaled the end of the world and the start of the apocalypse, where Bieber reveals to us all the "666" imprinted underneath that helmet of hair.

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