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Sony Eyeing ‘Venom’ Director Ruben Fleischer to Helm ‘Uncharted’ Movie

Tell me if you've heard this one before. Sony has a director in mind for their live-action Uncharted film. Fingers crossed this is the...

Uncharted Movie Loses it’s Sixth Director, Travis Knight

This may come as a shock, but Sony has once again lost the director for their long-gestating (and seemingly cursed) Uncharted adaptation. To be...

Travis Knight Will Try and Make The Uncharted Movie Happen

The sixth time's the charm, or at least that's what Sony is hoping for, as they've tapped Bumblebee helmer, Travis Knight, to direct the...

The Uncharted Adaptation Loses It’s Fifth Director

Sony can't seem to catch a break this week as they've now lost director Dan Trachtenberg, who was the latest to try and bring...

The Uncharted Movie Receives a 2020 Release Date

To the excitement of many, a 2020 release date for the long-awaited Uncharted movie was finally revealed by Sony today. A film adaptation of the...

’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Director to Helm Uncharted Movie

Stop me if you've heard this one before.  Sony Pictures has finally found its director for their live-action Uncharted film.  After several signings and step downs, it appears that sentence may, for once, be true.  More on Sony Pictures landing the up-and-coming director of 10 Cloverfield Lane within...

Nathan Fillion gets the role he was born to play

Nathan Fillion Tweeted out his thanks to Allan Ungar for “letting us all scratch this itch” he also thanked the fans in the same post and the attachment on that tweet was for a 15-minute short film he made with Ungar titled - UNCHARTED.

Making Of Video for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Provides Much-Needed Backstory

With just a couple of weeks until Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases, Naughty Dog has released a Making Of video explaining the motivations behind the latest chapter in the Uncharted series.

Tom Holland Cast As Young Nathan Drake in Uncharted Re-Write

Two steps forward and one step back, Sony Pictures will be going back to the drawing board for the Uncharted movie adaptation, but this time they have a web-slinging star attached to play the main character!

Naughty Dog Announces Next Chapter in the Uncharted Series

The 2016 Playstation Experience started off with a massive bang, with the announcement of a new Uncharted story!  Come inside for more!

Attend an Early Screening for DC’s Birds of Prey On Us!

The Birds of Prey, along with Harley Quinn, are about ready to hit the big screen and we're giving our readers in cities across...