Introducing Push Start Select for All Your Gaming Needs!

TheMoviePool is ever expanding and we're always looking to bring our readers the best in all things entertainment.  To that end, we've launched an all new branch as part of our network to appeal to our gamer readers: Push Start Select.

Lionsgate Nabs Rights to Dead Island Movie

After a fairly interesting and lengthy bidding war, Lionsgate has won the rights to make a movie off of the recently released video game Dead Island, and have released a statement about the film's production.

SDCC 2011: Microsoft Unveils the Star Wars Xbox!

At Microsoft's booth at SDCC they've been showing off some of their most anticipated games.  Gears of War, Mass Effect 3, and a smattering of other titles.  But then they brought out the ultimate fanboy dream: a custom Star Wars Xbox 360....

Best Thing Ever: Clint Mansell tackling ‘Mass Effect 3’ score

Yeah, yeah, I know, we're not called TheVideoGamePool (although that's a domain name I really should register).  But this news was so good that I HAD to share it.  We're big fans of games here at TheMoviePool, and this feels my heart with film AND gamer joy.  It's truly the BEST THING EVER.

Attend an Early Screening for DC’s Birds of Prey On Us!

The Birds of Prey, along with Harley Quinn, are about ready to hit the big screen and we're giving our readers in cities across...