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This is Everything You Need to Know to Walk Into Mordor

We all know that walking into Mordor just isn't something you do...but apparently in the all new game, Shadow of Mordor, that's exactly what's expected of you.  With the game set to release in less than a week (on the PS4 and Xbox One anyway), WB Interactive has released a brand new trailer that breaks down everything you'll need to know to start your journey.  From powers, to lore, where it sits in the story, and more, this trailer will get you caught up to speed.  

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets a New Summer 2015 Release Date; Plus...

Rocksteady made a lot of fans happy when they revealed Batman: Arkham Knight back in March and told fans the upcoming next-gen only Batman game would be hitting later this year.  Then we got the sad news that the game would be missing it's holiday release and would instead be hitting sometime in 2015.  Today, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have finally revealed exactly when we'll be playing the new game...and we've still got a ways to wait.  Come inside to check out the new date!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Snags an Earlier Release Date

Most of the time when we report on game developers shifting release dates on their upcoming titles, it's to say tht they've been delayed (like Dragon Age and Battlefield the other day).  Every now and again, however, we get to report on the happy news that a game is actually moving forward! This morning Warner Bros. Interactive announced that gamers will be able to explore Tolkien's Middle-Earth a little sooner than expected as Shadow of Mordor has moved into September. 

Orcs Have Reason to be Afraid in the E3 Trailer for...

With all of the recent games getting delayed to 2015, it's nice to know that one good looking game, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, is still slated to hit this year.  Today, the devs have released a new trailer in anticipation of showing it off at E3 2014, and while it's all CG, that doesn't keep it from looking awesome.  Come inside to check it out!

New Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Trailer Showcases Weapons and Skills

This morning, Warner Bros. Interactive has released a brand new, gameplay filled, trailer for their next gaming experience set in the world of Middle-Earth and The Lord of the Rings.  This new trailer puts the spotlight on how gamers will upgrade their abilities (via Runes) throughout the story while also showing how cool this game is looking.

Classic Dungeon Crawler Gauntlet Getting a Modern Reboot

The classic arcade game, Gauntlet, which tasked gamers with tackling increasingly challenging dungeons with their friends, is finally getting re-released with fancier graphics and some modern tropes in order to reach a new generation of gamers.  It'll be hitting later this year on Steam.  Come inside to learn more about the game and check out a trailer!

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition Brings the Handheld Adventure to...

Last year when Batman: Arkham Origins released on the consoles, it wasn't the only Arkham game to come out at the same time.  As a companion piece Arkham Origins Blackgate was released exclusively to the handheld systems as a sort of expansion to the overal Arkham story.  If you never got a chance to pick them up, or simply don't have either handheld, Warner Bros. has announced a Deluxe Edition of the game to bring it to your home console of choice.  Come inside to check out the trailer and more details! 

It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 213: New...

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