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Hall Pass on Blu-Ray Review

Hall Pass is set up entirely based on one concept: What would happen if a man’s wife suddenly gave him a week off from marriage.  While hilarity does ensue, overall the movie seems very confused as to what type of film it wants to be.

Need a Movie Break? Check Out ‘The Rite’ on Facebook

Currently Warner Bros. is giving people the chance to take a quick 10-minute movie break on Facebook.

3 New High-Res Pics of the Green Lantern Costume

Warner Brothers is apparently doing their best to make up for the severe lack of Green Lantern advertising.  Riding the wave of acclaim from their WonderCon footage, they quickly released two TV-spots, and today, they've supplied us with some high-res looks at the full Green Lantern costume, giving us our best look yet at the suit, and the new CGI they're bringing to it.

Warner Bros. Partners with TMP to Giveaway 5 Classic Oliver Stone...

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution honors the legendary film director Oliver Stone with the release of ALEXANDER: REVISITED for the first time On Demand and For Download in addition to other favorites he directed including Natural Born Killers, Any Given Sunday, Heaven & Earth, and JFK.

In order to help promote the releases, WB has given TMP five of Oliver Stone's films (in digital form) to give away to our lucky readers here on the site.

Chris Columbus sought out for ‘Superman’?

It's possible that Chris Columbus is being targeted to direct the new Superman movie produced by Christopher Nolan.

Toy Fair Give us a Look at Funko’s Marvel Avengers Game...

During Toy Fair, Funko has revealed their new line of Funko Pops based on Crystal Dynamics' upcoming title "Marvel Avengers". I know there are...