Check Out the Xbox One’s Official Box Design

Soon after the Xbox One announcement event, some of the other major studios were finally able to say they were working on games for the console.  Unsurprisingly one of these was Battlefield 4, but on the developers website they featured an image which seemed to give us our first look at the box art for the upcoming next-gen console.  Now Microsoft has confirmed the look. 

Xbox One: The Facts

Microsoft has finally dropped the veil of secrecy on their next generation console, the Xbox One, and with it has come a deluge of new information.  This is great, but can be hard to keep up with.  While we have several articles with some of the bigger news pieces, we’ve also decided to compile all the information we currently have (officially) on the Xbox One in a single convenient location.  Inside you’ll find details on the specs, new official images, and more on the next-gen console. 

Our Thoughts on the Xbox One Reveal Event

Microsoft has finally unleashed the beast that is Xbox One during a live event held this morning.  While some questions were answered, others weren't, and we were hit a deluge of new information.  Now that the dust has somewhat settled and we've managed to sift through the news, Dustin and Jordan sit down to discuss their impressions on the new console, and the event in general.  Come inside to see their reactions and add to the discussion as well.

Always Online Gaming with Xbox One Will be up to Developers;...

Two of the most important issues gamers were wondering about for Microsoft's next generation console weren't addressed during their live event this morning: the always-online requirment, and whether or not used games would be allowed.  While the event itself gave us no new information, fortunately interviews with the top Xbox execs gave us those answers...though you may not like them.

Microsoft Announces Halo TV Series

Microsoft wasn't all about gaming, and they took it even further by announcing a Halo TV series.

The Casual Cinecast Discusses The Marriage Story and More

This week's all new episode of the Casual Cinecast features a review of Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story, along with Star Wars and Watchmen discussions.  Earlier...