Channel Control - Star Trek Discovery and Counterpart

Space...the Final Frontier.  These are the voyages of the Starship Channel Control.  It's continuing explore strange new TV seek out new channels and their ways of boldly go where no TV Talk show has gone before!  As you probably guessed, the crew of the Starship Channel Control discusses Star Trek Discovery and how it brings a unique twist to the franchise.  Plus, we're debuting our thoughts on the Pilot for Starz's new series Counterpart, starring J.K. Simmons!  As always, we guide you on your TV journey with our weekly segment Channel Surfing! Don't touch that dial because this week's episode is fully-loaded and can't miss!


Channel Control Ep. 07

BC & Matt decided they'd just run off to E3 this week and leave Rob all alone to do Channel Control. Well let's just jump on into the episode and talk abotu Patrick ness and his series Class, Kevin James is cheating on his (TV) wife, Juvenile delinquents with superpowers and so much more.

Of course we have Channel Surfing, and a whole bucnh of new DVD releases this week. Click the link and check out the latest episode of Channel Control.


Channel Control Ep 03

After a family emergency matt and Rob return to talk about what TV had to offer. Watch and listen as we talk about American Gods. The Dark Tower TV series. Stephen Kings Castlerock. Master of None. 13 Reasons Why. The upcoming Deadpool, & Judge Dredd shows, & so much more.



New Images for Amazon's The Tick Series

So we saw a teaser image a few weeks ago of the new Amazon series The Tick. Now we’ve got a lot of images for the upcoming series. So check out Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy) as the title role. Now the suit turned me off at first but so long as the character is upheld I’m willing to give it a chance. But also we get Griffin Newman as Arthur, Jackie Earl Haley as The Terror, Brendan Hines as Superion, Whoopi Goldberg as, well apparently Whoopi. Jackie Earl Haley is going to be a huge draw as one of my favorite villains from the series. Creator Ben Edlund is going to be a writer for the series which instills a lot of confidence from me. Look for this new series to debut August 19th on Amazon.

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