Marvel Releases First Runaways Trailer at NYCC 2017; Exclusive Thoughts on Episode 1

Marvel Releases First Runaways Trailer at NYCC 2017; Exclusive Thoughts on Episode 1

One of Marvel's most highly-anticipated new shows, Runaways, finally had the first trailer emerge at NYCC 2017!  Check it out below!  Plus, first thoughts on episode 1!

Since it was first released, Runaways has been one of my favorite comic series in the modern era.  The way they consistently flipped the script with the audience with the kids thinking their parents are super heroes but are really villains and the way they came to grips with their powers was just fun to read.  So, when Hulu first announced they would be creating a Runaways series with Marvel, not only was I excited but I thought it would make for a great series.

The first trailer they showed, during NYCC 2017, pretty much confirms those initial feelings.

This trailer is pretty much the comic series on the screen.  Sure, there are a couple of minor changes, but it's nothing that will derail the show.  One thing I did miss from the trailer was a pretty great character in Old Lace.  Fans of the series will know Old Lace to be the genetically engineered velociraptor from the 87th century.  Fortunately, our boots on the NYCC ground would confirm that the dinosaur's absence wouldn't be that long, as a Q&A would confirm its existence.

Speaking of boots on the ground, our very own correspondant, BC, was at the Runaways panel.  Not only did he get to see the trailer, but he also got the opportunity to watch the first episode.  Here are his spoiler-free thoughts of the new Hulu series.

After Q&A with the cast of Runaways and the trailer reveal, Jeph Loeb announced that they had a little clip of the first episode to share with the audience.  A little 53 minute clip.  After watching Episode 1, I really liked chemistry of whole cast.  Something happens in show, which causes these once good friends, to grow apart because they don't know how to deal with it.  It's obvious from the first episode that they have history and work well together.  All their little quirks make the show interesting.  Add the fact that the parents are the villains of the story, it’s really fun to watch.  It's like Breakfast club meets X-men.  Episode 1 plays out insanely.  You get a glimpse of the velociraptor in Ep 1.  They didn’t show episode 2 but we are going to see the same thing in 1 but in the parent’s point of view.  The series feels like it fits in with the Netflix world.

Marvel's Runaways releases on November 21, exclusively on Hulu!