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Watch the Trailer for the Kevin Bacon Tremors Series You Won't Get to See

Watch the Trailer for the Kevin Bacon Tremors Series You Won't Get to See

Last month, Syfy announced it wouldn't be moving forward with the new Tremors TV series it had been working on with Kevin Bacon, but at least you can check out a trailer to see what it would have been like. 

Back in 2015 it was announced that Kevin Bacon would be returning to the world of Tremors. Despite starring in the original film, the actor was notoriously absent in the barrage of subsequent sequels. The TV series was meant to be a direct continuation of the original film (well, still set decades after the events) and would completely ignore all the story/lore introduced in the straight to DVD movies. 

While this was frustrating for long time fans (like me) who enjoyed the campy creature features despite their off the rails escapades, it was still an intriguing prospect to get the chance to see Bacon's Valentine back in action. When filming began this past October, things seemed to be on track for it's debut; even with the film sequels still going and doing their own thing. 

Then Syfy decided they didn't want to pick up the series, meaning fans wouldn't be seeing Val's return afterall. Despite it's failure to launch, a trailer that had been crafted for the series has made its way online to give us a taste of what could have been...

To be honest, I'm not sure what to think. There are parts of it I think work exceptionally well. The Quiet Place-esque sequence where they're trying not to make any noise is a fun twist on the original premise...But the rest isn't so great. The general lighting/production values aren't so hot, and the redesigned grabboid is just weird. It's more Mongolian Death Worm than the iconic monsters from the original, and I'm not sure why they changed it. Not to mention Val just feels off without Fred Ward's Earl. What made the original so fun was the chemistry in their partnership and how they played off one another. Without it, something definitely falls flat. 

While some seem to be enamored with this trailer and decrying Syfy's decision to pass on the series, I think I can see why it was left behind. What do you guys think of it?