A new Look into the DC Universe

A new Look into the DC Universe

DC is all set and ready to launch the new streaming service with a trailer, some big comic news, and a spotlight on the Teen Titans’ Boy of Wonder.

The DC Streaming service has been the talk of the town since it was announced. Not all of it positive, but a lot of excitement, like the announcement of new shows we have to look forward too. Today we got a bevy of new information, including our first look at the first live action version of Robin since Chris O’Donnell.

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If you ask me this is exactly what Robin/Nightwing should look like. This gives me a lot more hope than the set photos of StarFire and Beast Boy that leaked a few months back. Hopefully the rest of the cast looks as good as Brenton Thwaites in this official photo.

We also got a first look into the service as DC has dropped a trailer. This first real look into the DC Universe gives us a bunch of new information. Like the fact that we will be able to read comics on the app, plus get merchandise, and it looks like DC Fans might have their own spotlight as well. Take a look below.

With this being the first time DC has stepped foot into a digital service for their comics, the DC Universe will launch this fall on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV. Along with new shows like an animated Harley Quinn, Metropolis, Swamp Thing and Titans, we will also get the long anticipated 3rd season of Young Justice. Plus classic DC shows, and movies.