First Official Image of Constantine Looks Right Out of the Comics

First Official Image of Constantine Looks Right Out of the Comics

NBC's upcoming pilot for Constantine has officially started filming and to mark the begin of production, the studios have released the first official image of Matt Ryan in the titular role.  Frankly, it looks like the character just walked off the pages of the Hellblazer comic.  Come inside to check it out!

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Constantine character, but I am excited by the huge influx of comic book related properties coming to the small screen (especially from DC).  Earlier this week saw the first full image of The CW's Flash in costume as well as the logo and official synopsis for FOX's Gotham, and now we get this image: 


If you're a fan of comic books, it's been a pretty damn good week.  Matt Ryan really looks like Constantine.  From the unkempt clothes, to the smug look on his face, and general air of "I don't give a shit" the whole appearance works.  Now we just have to hope the rest of the show is as faithful and turns out to be entertaining!  

So far only the pilot is being filmed at the moment (from director Neil Marshall) with David Goyer producing.  If successful the show will go into full series over at NBC and joinging an already robust line-up of current and upcoming DC based shows.  What do you guys think of the look so far?  Does it encourage you about the rest of the show?