State of the Media: Non-Actors Acting

I have seen a trend as of late, one that defies logic, and disturbs the senses.  One that facilitated in the very bowels of the industry I am apart of and have dedicated my life to.  This trend threatens the very foundations of the business…or at least the very foundations of my tolerance.  This trend I speak of is the blatant usage of Hollywood as a fall-back point, a vestige for individuals with no training, no talent, and no business sense who failed in respective other areas of entertainment (Sports, Music, Journalism, etc.).  The idea that everyone can be an actor is asinine in it’s base concept and completely ludicrous when seen at work.

The world of acting and the world of Hollywood once held a prestige and a place in people’s hearts and mind.  It was a bastion of fame, fortune, and where dreams came true.  As of current, however, amidst the immersion of the world into the Land of the Celebutard, there seems to be a thought that if you can’t make it anywhere else, you can however make it as fodder for the commercial machine, allowing Hollywood to drain the marrow out of you until it spits you out, ready and hungry for the next one on the conveyor belt.

Finding talent is an arduous and time-consuming task.  Casting is difficult, with the hopes and dreams of hundred-million dollar productions resting on the laurels of a thirty-minute interview.  It would seem that the majority of the Casting Society of America would rather seize the latest tabloid monstrosity, therefore capitalizing on the mundane successes of those caught in the spotlight, than fight to find the talent capable of delivering a believable if not beautiful performance.

The advice I give unto the masses that deliever this talent unto us is merely “Take A Chance”!  Just because the talent you have in front of you is unknown does not mean that they will flop.  The possibility does exist that if you cannot market a film based on the subject matter of the project and must resort to the showcasing of a name…perhaps you should question whether the movie should even be made.