Who Is Eric Balfour?

This kind of “unknown under the radar” leverage has worked to an advantage before. Case in point: Sam Worthington in Avatar. James Cameron wanted someone no one had seen before but that audiences would find a deep connection with in order to make the blockbuster fantasy scifi epic work, so he cast Worthington. And this formula did indeed work like a charm.


Skyline (2010) – Eric Balfour as Jarrod


Yes, the fact that Worthington embodied the iconic Terminator role earlier that year whetted our appetite and made us say, “Hey! Where do I know him from?” by the time Avatar was released. But when Cameron was casting, Worthington was as yet flying under the radar in North America. The rest is history, and the name Sam Worthington is now synonymous with Jakesully and a star is born. But I digress. Will casting Eric Balfour as Jarrod in Skyline work as perfectly? Well for starters, his character has a cool J name, but you know what they say, the proof is in the pudding.


Skyline (2010) – In Skyline the warning is don’t look up.


The Skyline premise is as follows: aliens come to Earth, L.A. to be exact, and begin capturing humans and hijacking their brains. A regular guy rises up determined to defend his family and escape the nefarious plans of the space invaders, which appears to be extraterrestrial annihilation of our planet’s human population. Other than Armageddon, becoming extinct seems to be our civilization’s greatest fear.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series 1997 – 2003) – Eric Balfour as Jesse McNally


So where have we seen Eric Balfour before? Besides being the lead singer in the band Born As Ghosts and the face of Valentino V, he has the pop culture honor of being one of the first victims in the hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He’s had numerous appearances and recurring roles in TV shows of all sorts from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Dawson’s Creek, NYPD Blue, The O.C., Six Feet Under, the critically acclaimed (and criticized) 24, and Haven.


What Women Want (2000) – Eric Balfour as Cameron


He’s been cast as the typical, opportunistic boyfriend in the movie What Women Want, and was an addition to the body count in 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre starring Jessica Biel. He’s been cast as a mixed martial arts fighter of the bullying kind in Beatdown, as well as a sensitive, adventurous, tormented and brooding lover who bared a lot of skin in the sexually explicit Canadian indie Lie With Me.

Standing at a towering 6’2” with a buff physique and dark good looks, this American actor has been honing his craft on the screen since 1991. He’s also directed, has a producing credit and was Satan in a Hyundai commercial in 2002, which means that even though people love to hate the big L, it takes an actor with some kind of charisma to play the devilish archetype convincingly.


Valentino agrees Eric Balfour had enough charisma to be the face of Valentino V.

Valentino model, TV performer, recording artist, indie actor and big budget leading man, Eric Balfour has done it all it seems, and he has been a long time player on the Hollywood chessboard. No one can say definitively what magical, chemical alignment happens within the audience’s collective unconscious that makes someone a bona fide movie star who is instantly catapulted into the title of “It” guy of the year. Could his role in Skyline be the role that changes Balfour’s life? Who’s to say, but this role will definitely place Eric Balfour on the map one way or another.