Best TV Shows to Binge this Winter

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Best New Hit Show: “The Good Place”

This category is both the easiest and the hardest to do, easiest because this show just started this season so there’s only a few episode which means less time to catch up! In that same token, it is the hardest because then you have to keep consistent following along with it once you’ve caught up – there are new episodes almost every week! It won’t be hard though with this great, smart, funny new show.

“The Good Place” is from Michael Schur who also created such hit and critically-acclaimed shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Parks and Recreation” so even without knowing the plot you already know it’s going to be awesome. It tell the story of a place where people who have been good their entire lives go when they pass away. Michael (played by Ted Danson) is the architect who basically created the town and is in charge. Eleanor (played by Kirsten Bell) arrives but quickly realizes she isn’t supposed to be there. She tries to right her wrongs with the help of Chidi (played by William Jackson Harper) in hopes that she can stay at The Good Place. I’ll agree it sounds like a very odd concept but in the end works so well. With the smart and surprsing twists and turns, you’ll easily be hooked to this new show.

A Winter Show: “Fargo” Season One

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It’s winter might as well stick to the season and dive into a show that takes place during the same time. While “Fargo” does have two seasons and both are quite good, they both have different storylines and are essentially one off’s that you don’t have to watch after one another. The first is definitely the best season so I recommend just trying that one for now.

Season one of “Fargo” is a sort of spin off of the already popular Coen brothers’ film also called Fargo. It tells the story of how textbook example bad guy Lorne Malvo (played by Billy Bob Thorton) influences a high strung and selfish husband Lester Nygaard (played by Martin Freeman) and helps murder Lester’s wife. The first season is a murder story where we follow the cops and see if they can figure out Malvo and Nygaard did it. The season aired in 2014 and won several awards and critical praise. The story, even though we already know the killers, isn’t short of suspense and keeps you hooked from the first episode. Also, with only ten episodes it’s easy to crush this binge in a day or two.

The Staple Show: “The Sopranos”

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There’s always a handful of shows that everyone has seen and you just have to see. It’s a handful that has been around for a while and probably will be around for a while longer. One of those shows that is always in everyone’s handful and on every list is “The Sopranos.”

“The Sorpanos” tells the story of a mob family living in New Jersey — shortest synopis but definitely the one with the most episdoes and the most complex yet exciting and enthralling storylines. “The Sopranos” was recently listed the best written television show of all time on the Writer’s Guild of America list, it was around for six seasons and garnished many awards and praise by critics and the public alike. “The Sopranos” is excellent because it encompasses hard crime drama but there is even some excellent comedic scenes and episodes, too. This show constantly surprises you with just how great it is. It makes you cry and laugh and just never finish watching it. 

Those are my top three shows everyone should be binging now during this winter season, what are some of your favorites?