Box Office Prognosis: Spider-Man Defeats Teddy Bears, Pop Stars, and Strippers

In terms of Spider-Man films, it ranks dead last, even in six place openings (although it came really close to besting Spider-Man’s $144 million take…but that was in 2002 money).  Hell, Spider-Man 3 grossed $150 million in its opening weekend ALONE.  Yeah, I understand that those were sequels to a widely popular (and already established) series, but not even besting Spider-Man is a little bit disheartening for the reboot.  Even then, I doubt Sony really has much to complain about at this point…the film’s a lock to cross $250 million, and will cross $500 million internationally when all is said and done.  Still, Sony better hope that the film makes a ton of money in the next two weeks because, after The Dark Knight Rises opens, that’s pretty much it for the film domestically.  It will be crushed, just like every other movie in TDKR’s radius.


In second place for the week is last week’s number one, Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.  Down about 40%, Ted grossed an estimated $32 million for the weekend.  That’s a great hold, and points to futhur success for the hit comedy.  The film is even outperforming The Hangover at the same point!  Well it probably won’t take down The Hangover overall, it’s still doing good enough to be considered one of the most succesful R-rated comedies of all time.  Seth MacFarlane is a hot commodity now more than ever.

In third place for the weekend is Brave, taking in about $20 million.  That’s the same spot it was in last weekend, but it held on decently.  At the rate its going, Brave will be the 10th Pixar movie to cross the $200 million mark.  In fourth place is Oliver Stone’s Savages, taking in a respectable $16 million.  This was expected for the R-rated, violence heavy film, especially when it decided to go up against The Amazing Spider-Man.  Even then, making back its $45 million is going to be an uphill better.  Poor Taylor Kitsch…after John Carter and Battleship, will he ever catch a break?


Rounding out the Top 5 is Magic Mike, which dropped a big 60% its second week of release.  Even though this was expected, still…yikes.  But, to be fair, its already made $72 million off of a $7 million budget.  Calling it anything but a boneafide success would be simply incorrect.  Good for Tatum and Soderbergh…good for them.  

Chilling out way at the bottom of the top 10 is Katy Perry’s Part of Me, the 3D concert pic about the sucessful pop artist. Taking in a mere $7 million, Part of Me proves one valuable life lesson: boobs will only get you so far.  And as long as we all remember that, we should be okay.

KatyPerryBestOfMe Movie

Here’s the chart:

1. The Amazing Spider-Man—$65,000,000

2. Ted—$32,592,560

3. Brave—$20,162,000

4. Savages—$16,162,000

5. Magic Mike—$15,610,000

6. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection—$10,200,000

7. Madagascar 3—$7,700,000

8. Katy Perry: Part Of Me—$7,150,000

9. Moonrise Kingdom—$4,641,580

10. To Rome With Love—$3,502,143

And that does it for this week of the Prognosis!  Check back next week to see if the Ice Age franchise has any gas left in its tank.  Probably not, but people will show up in drones to see it anyways.  Until next week!