Indie Beat: ‘Cherry’ Gets a North American Release Date

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Quinn Saunders erotic thriller CHERRY will be released in the US and Canada by MVD Distribution with a street date set for October 23rd 2012.

Starring Ray Valentin (Crossing Over), Lili Borden (Battle Star Galactica) and David Crane (Brain Dead) CHERRY which premiered at Karlovy Vary Film Festival in Czech Republic and won Best Production at Beverly Hills International Film Festival is frequently been compared to Steven Soderburgh’s “Sex Lies And Videotape” and Neil La Bute’s “Company Of Men”.

When Brian Cherry, a sinsitive young Los Angelino falls for the beautiful but damaged Jules, she turns his ideas about women and sex upside down. Slowly he is drawn into a twisted love triangle that includes Jules and his best friend Sam. When Jules eventually leaves him for Sam, Cherry decides on a shocking act of revenge that will destroy the lives of all three.