Indie Beat: Darklands Clip Shows Off an Ancient Pagan Ritual

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In the build up to its North American DVD release DARKLANDS director Julian Richards has released an online clip from the occult shocker which he says was inspired by a pagan ritual he attended in Scotland whilst researching the screenplay. The event, known as The Beltane Fire, takes place in Edinburgh on April 30th which is an important date in the pagan calender celebrating the coming of Spring.

“Rituals such as Beltane (Walpurgis Night) and Samhain (Halloween) are based around the seasons and celebrate the success or failure of the harvest” said Richards. “Records suggest that in the event of a bad harvest human sacrifices were made, but some historians believe this to be a myth propogated by Roman imperialists to portray themselves as a civilising force”.

DARKLANDS presents a contemporary spin on these themes by setting the story in South Wales where agriculture has long been replaced by dark, satanic steel mills. A deepening recession gives rise to nationalism and neo-paganism resulting in the desecration of local churches and the mysterious death of a steelworker killed in an industrial accident.

Darklands will be availabe on November 20, 2012.