Indie Beat: Release Date and First Trailer for ‘Three Blind Saints’

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THREE BLIND SAINTS, the family-friendly comedy about three childhood friends scheming to make it big, announced Friday Sept1st that it has signed a deal with FilmWorks Entertainment Inc. for DVD, digital and video-on-demand Nov. 20, 2012. (The U.S. release is set just in time for Thanksgiving).

“Three Blind Saints” is produced by Hungry Horse Media Productions and stars Richard Speight, Jr. (Independence Day, Band of Brothers), Stelio Savante (Ugly Betty), Elijah Rock, Barry Corbin (No Country for Old Men), Murray Gershenz (The Hangover, I Love You, Man), Audrey Matos, and Irma P. Hall (Meet the Browns, Patch Adams).

Click HERE to watch the Trailer.

“Three Blind Saints” is a fun story of three guys whose road trip turns into a jail sentence. Pretending to get saved, their scheme backfires when the judge assigns them to a local church for community service. When corruption is discovered, it’s up to the guys to rise to the occasion and prove they have what it takes to do the right thing in this hilarious fish-out-of-water tale.
Executive producer and writer of the film, Steven J. Gray is pleased to partner with FilmWorks Entertainment for distribution. “We’re excited to share the fun and inspiring message of this movie with audiences worldwide.

Producer of the film, Brad Wilson, is known for feature films as “Believers Among Us,” “A Family Thing” and “Days of Thunder.” Wilson managed Robert Duvall’s Production Company for 11 years and has worked with Hollywood greats such asTom Cruise, Matt Damon and Nicole Kidman as well as directors Ron Howard, Kenny Ortega and more. Director John Eschenbaum is known for the award winning syndicated TV program “The Steve & Kathy Show.”